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Let hikers everywhere rejoice the Peanut butter IS safe

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Let hikers everywhere rejoice the Peanut butter IS safe

Postby Hetchy » Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:02 pm

So I have like 5 of these massive 4 lb jars of Peanut butter. Since the scare I have only been able to look at them... and use them to train.. take them in and out of the BV500(sure liked the garcia's lock system better)
But what I could not do was eat a dang ole PB&J.
You don't know what this means to me.
I gave up BEER(mmmmm.. beer) to do this "little" (pun here) thru hike thingy and then.. AND THEN they takes away my dang Peanut butter... mmmmm Peanut butter... (much salivating)
Anyways since I practically own stock in Sunny Select brand PB I wrote them and email demanding.. no politely demanding the truth!
Incredibly I got back a very detailed reply on where and how they source their Peanuts and that they are totally safe and in no way related to the Salm'y scare.
So there I was.. an electronic message telling me it is safe and 20 ponds of beautiful Peanut Butter (much salivating) staring at me all sad and dejected like.
"Eat us" the big jars were chanting... "Were safe.. Eat us.."
I figure what the hell, I might get the gol' danged Giardia up there in the Sahara's anyway so I carefully opened the big plastic tub and peeled back the safety wrap and lo and behold.. Gorgeous, chunky, creamy golden goodness.. PEANUT BUTTER!
Well 4 sandwiches later and I ain't dead .. but all I have is powdered milk to wash it down cause I gave up beer for that little thru hike thingy ... Dang! :(
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