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Farquhar's "Place Names" Available Online

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Farquhar's "Place Names" Available Online

Postby BSquared » Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:36 pm

I may be the last one on this board to know it, but just in case: Francis P. Farquhar's classic Place Names of the High Sierra (1926) is available online, apparently in complete text. It's at http://www.yosemite.ca.us/library/place_names_of_the_high_sierra/. Thanks to the Yosemite Online Library!

However... it didn't tell me something I wanted to know: where'd Mt. Shakespeare get its name? Well...no...not quite what I meant... I think I can wager a pretty good guess as to who it was named after, but anybody know when, by whom, and if there's more to the story? Sounds like something Theodore Solomons would have done...


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