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Packing a DSLR

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Re: Packing a DSLR

Postby JWreno » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:55 pm

I have done a couple of trips with my Canon 6D and a Peak Design Capture Camera Clip. Last year I used a zoom with it. This year I have been keeping a 24mm f/2.8 prime on it. I added a square piece of closed cell foam between the clip clamp and where tt attaches to my shoulder strap. The foam is wide enough that the camera body bumps the foam instead of my chest if the camera tilts to the side. The movement of the camera when attached to the clip is much less with a light zoom vs. my prime.

I will be doing a 18 day JMT trip with it this year. I decided to only take the 24 and 85 mm primes instead of a zoom. The primes are so much lighter and the camera can be almost ignored when on the shoulder strap. With a 24-105 or 17-40 zoom I did notice the camera on the should strap clip. I use the 24mm for about 80-90% of my shots. The 85 is for around camp people shots or when I need a little reach to bring out some distant landscape feature. The Canon 6D gives plenty of pixels for when a bit of cropping is needed for digital zoom.

I was going to take a 1.5 pound tripod/head but decided against it after my last short trip. I decided I am better off doing dedicated new moon short trips for when I want to do astronomy-landscape longer exposures instead of carrying a tripod for 18 days.

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