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Basilius and Spirit

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Basilius and Spirit

Postby Bearlover » Sat Nov 19, 2005 11:37 pm

For him who has once triumphed in the spirit over all earthy passions and thus returned to primal Beauty, for him the Holy Ghost becomes a sun. His Spirit becomes like the clear, glittering eye of Helios, disclosing the image of the invisible. And blissfully gazing at this image, thou wilt see the ineffable beauty of the archetype.. Through this pneuma we become spiritual, men illumined and illuminating, knowers of the mysteries, who will some day experience infinite bliss dancing with the angels, nay, who will enjoy the highest of all things desirable, to become like God.
-Basilius from Joseph Campbell's Spirit and Nature

I mention this quote because, spiritual or not there is some level of resonant understanding when each of us chooses to enter the Sierra.. this quote, for me, begins to describe the unique "quest" each trip becomes... the return to primal beauty! The wilderness literally opens your eyes and touches you in a way nothing but God can..(and I ain't even religious!)
There is a Bear.. Where? Over there!

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Postby DJG » Thu Dec 01, 2005 10:07 am

Those are some powerful words, enough so that I'd like to track the book down. I'm not familiar with Spirit and Nature, Joseph Campbell or Basilius.

Thanks for sharing.
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