PCT in 71 days, new record

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Re: PCT in 71 days, new record

Post by Snow Nymph » Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:08 am

BSquared wrote:
Snow Nymph wrote:We did the JMT in 30 days. The first 100 mi in 10 days,and the 2nd 100 in 20 days. Some days we didn't go far, but got to enjoy being there.
How did you handle all the resupplies, Snowy? I'd love to do a nice, leisurely JMT thru hike, but I just can't figure out how to handle more than a couple of resupplies from way out here on the right coast.

We dropped caches off at Tuolumne Mdws and Reds Mdw (started of light to acclimatize), mailed a cache to Muir Ranch (one friend came in with fuel and fresh food), friends came into Charlotte Lake with another food/clothes cache.

http://snow-nymph.com/JMT_index.htm (warning, photos were put on CD by Costco, really bad, this was my last time using film, CDs had to be returned a few times because of the quality, like lines thru each photo because of dirty rollers)

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Re: PCT in 71 days, new record

Post by BSquared » Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:33 am

hikerduane wrote:In my experience, you use the JMT/PCT to get somewhere, then you get off of it to enjoy the solitude in places most folks will never visit, because they heard how great the main trail is.
During my 2004 JMT trip I was pleasantly surprised by what seemed to me to be light traffic, aside from the Yosemite Valley and Whitney regions. There were people, certainly, but not many, and they were all quiet and interesting. We hardly ever camped in sight of another party. Between Leconte Canyon and Rae Lakes was especially peaceful. Nothing like the remote basins, of course, and keep in mind that I live on the right coast and usually have to hike in places where there are lots of people. :retard:


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Re: PCT in 71 days, new record

Post by hikerduane » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:06 pm

I have bped in with Steve and his son Aaron and sis-in-law to Granite Basin, below Italy Pass. the next day, they hiked up and stashed a couple canisters for a Sierra High Route trip a few weeks later. They had to do two such trips so they wouldn't have to come out, then when the trip was finished, go back up to retrieve the canisters. Lots of driving and hiking. Bishop Pass was the other I believe.
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