Any trips in mind yet?

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Post by cmon4day » Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:21 pm

In late April or early May, I planning a backcountry ski tour from Mammoth to Rock Cr.

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Post by Snow Nymph » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:37 pm

Every weekend! :D
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Post by Sierra Maclure » Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:27 pm

You go Snowy!

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Post by BSquared » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:10 am

Much as one has to love Snowy, I think I'm beginning to hate her :mad:

;) Not really, of course, but I sure am envious!!!

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Post by TehipiteTom » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:45 pm

Leading a Sierra Club trip this year--it'll be a slightly longer version of the LeConte Divide trip I did last year. It's billed as "cross-country for beginners". Mt. Shinn Lake, Red Rock Basin, Lake 10200, Ward Mountain Lake.

Otherwise, I'll probably do a 4-5 day trip TBD. All the suggestions people made last summer are possibilities; I'm also considering a Clark Range loop (from the south).

On edit: Oh, and GB, I'd love to hear the details of that last trip option--sounds fascinating, and as Maverick says you may be looking at some territory I've been hoping to get into. That lake NE of Emerald is awesome, btw:

If you need any Kid Lakes info, let me know. I love that basin.

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Post by giantbrookie » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:51 pm

Ooops, it is Bonita, not Bonnie. That option stays west of the LeConte Divide (after crossing near Bonita/Turf Lakes) until going back over at Hell for Sure Pass. There are a bunch of west-facing lakes I'd like to put a line in such as Turf Lakes, Davis, Diamond X, and Dale L. After dropping into the canyon it would be back up the other side for a very long traverse on the high bench above Goddard Canyon. Then wrap around the corner into lakes 10554 and 10918 N and NE of Emerald. Hopefully some time to explore the unnamed lakes in three cirques to the east (L11335 is on the bench), too.

For the Kid Lakes trip, it would be Grouse L. via Copper Creek, then Kid Lakes (both forks of Kid Creek), Glacier Lakes plus or minus State Peak, Volcanic Lakes and Kennedy Mtn. with the exit via Lewis Creek or a double back to Grouse L. and out Copper Creek.

For the Cirque option (the one I'm leaning toward right now) It's Bear Creek Diversion Dam to Marcella then Cirque, then Apollo, then Orchid, Three Island (possible layover for Senger and Gemini; Seven Gables for members of groups who haven't climbed it; otherwise the first two are picked off en route to Lower Turret), over to Lower Turret, possible Pinnacles Creek area exploration, with possible option of Ramona Lake for day 4 campsite (if Lower Turret turns out to be a dud fishing wise).
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Post by Take-a-Hike » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:52 pm

This will be 4th year backpacking for wife 'n I. Two trips, usually, per year...I know, some get more than that in in a month. I've got our 4th of July trip planned, heading from Courtright up to Bench Valley, laying over to do day hike to Blackcap basin. Then will head to Red Mt Basin and out via Hell 4 Sure Pass. Probably make it a 5 niter. After that our August trip will be from Edison Lake again, I just can't make up my mind where. We did a Silver Divide trip kind of like Doyle Donohoe's chronicles, and our first BP trip ever was a two niter to Mott Lake. I would really like to see the Bear Creek trail, go to Lake Italy, up 'n over to the 2nd Recess and out again, but need to see if I can talk the folks at Vermillion into a ride to the trail head. The other option is again to Mott Lake the possible X country to either Laurel or Hopkins Creeks then out that way. I've read accounts here that it's possible to do. Our first year to Mott Lake, heavy snow year...we were rookies so any snow field looked intimidating. Mott was half floating w/ice & snow, again over the 4th of July. But weather was nice.
I"ve learned after last summers mis-adventures that I need to idiot proof my winter plans by someone over 55 or I pay for it having to listen to my wife. Our 2nd trip last August was Lamark Col, down past the Darwin Basin, trying to get to McGhee Lakes then back out same way. She informed me she wasn't about to do those Darwin Lakes and up to the Col again, so we went out via Piute Pass. Nice trip, thank God I had plenty of maps and food. Things look so darned easy on a map! We did spend a nite at Evolution which was insisted upon by a couple we met on the trail. Camped right on the edge by the outlet..nice view. So we can at least say we've been there/done that.
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Re: Any trips in mind yet?

Post by MooseTracks » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:59 am

Oh, man, you should see the binders. :eek: I've taken a page out of Snowy's book and resolved to "get out" every weekend. Besides, now that I live in Bishop it's a nice launching pad! I think I'd like to bag a few more 14ers to add to the champagne bottle collection: maybe Sill, Split, White, and I think Shasta is on the list for my 35th birthday in June. I hope to get a one week trip out there, and I've been reading Roper's book, so maybe a section of that? Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne also comes to mind...

I'm also working with my new boss to maybe shift my schedule to a 9x80, getting every other Friday off. That would make it great for dayhike weekends and backpack weekends!

-Laura :cool:
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Re: Any trips in mind yet?

Post by maverick » Thu Feb 07, 2008 1:17 pm

Im envious of those of you who live in Mammoth and Bishop!!!!!
I tried convincing my wife several years ago to move to Bishop
but the answer I got was "you'll be moving by yourself", so that
snuffed that idea.
Sounds like some fun trips GB, I included Volcanic Lakes in my
Slide and Swamp Lakes hike several years ago. I went over
Harrington Pass and exited Lewis Creek hitching a ride back to
the Grizzly Lakes Trailhead.
Slide Lakes are beautiful and the Volcanic Lakes from the lowest
to the highest are fun to explore.
Takeahike, if you visit Second Recess make sure you visit Lower and
Upper Mills Creek Lakes it will be the highlight of your trip!

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Re: Any trips in mind yet?

Post by Rosabella » Thu Feb 07, 2008 2:40 pm

Well.....My plan for this summer is to do a JMT thru hike. I know... I know... I tried it two summers ago, and three summers before that, and three summers before that....but each time I had to exit sections of the trail for killer blisters, boots falling apart, or health concerns.

It's hard to explain why I need to do it.... there are a lot of reasons. It's just something I really want... really need... to do. I'm gonna take a couple extra days for some side trips - something I've not done in the past. This will be my summer :).


P.S. Hey, Laura.... your "member info" over to the right still says "Los Angeles".... you're not thinking of moving back, are you? :eek:

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