South Fork of the San Joaquin sierra junipers

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Post by SSSdave » Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:06 pm

After I download raw images off my SD memory cards from my Coolpix, I run:

dir /o:n /s > dir_list.txt

from the trip directory in order to capture the original time and dates of images before I might modify anyin Photoshop that would of course change the modification date/time. Thus from pic times, noticed I passed the Gilmore/Aloha trail junction just beyond the creek crossing about 10:15am or so Saturady. At the time there was a crowd of young hikers planning to hike Tallac waiting for others. Down below the brushy switchbacks, I stopped for about half an hour in a douglas fir grove with a dark shady boulder. Do recall a couple gals passing with a white dog (whippet?) with pink harness maybe about 11:30? Miss puppy was curious about my coming out of the woods from the nearby stream.

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Post by madeintahoe » Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:21 am

Hi would have been nice to meet you up there....Kathy and I only saw two people the whole day..two guys at Gilmore Lake....we did not see anyone with dogs that day. We got back to the TH at 7:00
My friend called me that evening to tell me there as a rescue on Tallac around 4:00...I guess someone had called and said they were lost either on Tallac or between tallac and gilmore...she did not have the full story on just what happened. :eek:

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