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TR Green Lake from South Lake

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TR Green Lake from South Lake

Postby austex » Thu May 28, 2015 11:25 am

Went to Green Lake from South Lake or you can go up from Parchers. I started Thur night the 21st with an utility sleeping arrangement n of Mammoth. Sat spent a couple hrs. setting up my Delorme Se. (two thumbs up on that hardware!)Then 3 nights in Rock Creek Lake. Had 3" of snow mid cyn at Iris Meadows Campground Fri night., drove up to Mosquito Flat tr Sat morn. Only two cars in the lot and about 8" of snow. Fished Rock Creek w/o much luck.
With the Snow Friday night I decided to stay and extra night (Sat) in RCL area and go to Green Sun and Mon ni
Sunday went through Bishop and visited the people who run Brown's Town Milpond. Went into town to get a bit of resupply (coffee) and headed up towards South Lake. Got to the South Lake th, culled my pack and set out about 14:00. Went up the pipeline route. Prepared for snowy conditions with micro spikes and gaiters, did not need either. It was a bit muddy but wet boots on the pipe made it a bit slick. Streams were low and passable. Snow patches 8" on n facing shaded slopes, easily passable.
Ran into a guy said best places to camp are directly diagonal from where on the trail you first see the lake. I headed across some snowy patches that post holed as it was 17:00. Made camp, ate dinner and it was too late to fish as it was dark and I was tired as it was my first trip of the season.
Woke up Sat morn about 06:00 and fished out directly in front of my camp for about an hour; not a bite chucking metal. Decided to eat breakfast. Packed up for a trip around the lake clockwise. The first part was in the snow. Being early it was hard enough to only sink 3" walking on it. I fished to the left of a boulder 10'x 5' above the water maybe, 10' off the shore. I hooked up and the fish went to the right of the boulder. I didn't want to race to the right side and risk post holing and falling in or twisting an ankle. The fish jumped up out of the water above the rock and spit the lure. Probably 12-15" fish.
The rest of the one side of the lake was snow covered about 5' from the shore. I didn't fish it as I didn't at least have hip boots. The only area was on a rock where the main trail hits the lake. A few followers but no bites.
Fished the outlet and landed one 12". Spit the lure as I landed him. Hooked up with another but never got it to shore after a 5 second fight. 11Facing se with the sun in my face it was getting hot so I shed some layers. In the rocks and shady places the mosquitoes were swarming heavily but not biting. They noxious were obnoxious. So obnoxious that I was then contemplating staying only one night. I got back to camp, the mozzies were not too thick. Sat and decided to take down the tent as the weather was showing that rain was not to be or not to be or not to be much. My tarp setup would do.
It was about 15:00. After waffling back and forth thing of what dinner and evening w/b with the possible mozzies, I decided to pack up and leave. When I got to Green the night before a bit later than that, they were only in the branches. I had no idea if they would subside.
I walked out all alone as it was Memorial day. With having the uphill trip under my belt the trip down was drier and felt less like Nik Wallenda. So three hook ups zero fish to add. Sorry no pictures yet.

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Re: TR Green Lake from South Lake

Postby maverick » Thu May 28, 2015 4:59 pm

Thanks for the TR Austex. Looking forward to the photo's. :)
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