Backpack Cookery

Author: Ruth Mendenhall

Cookery is defined as the art, science and practice of cooking. Ruth Mendenhall has produced a true Backpack Cookery for her book takes us through the planning, purchasing, packing and preparation of backpack foods. — This book is both concise and complete, being suitable for the beginning backpacker and the most experienced. Food lists and menus are simple, the dishes will be easily prepared and equally delicious. Food stuffs range from those in your own cupboard and the nearby supermarket to special freeze-dried and dehydrated foods packaged especially for the backpacker. All recipes are useable at high altitudes and with the simplest of cooking gear. Mrs. Mendenhall tells where to buy these foods and which ones have proven to be the most successful. If she feels a need to call a certain product by its trade name; then she says it is ‘Grapenuts’, not ‘a concentrated hard brown granular cereal.’ We are sure that this book will open new areas to many of us who wish to get away from the congestion and smells of our sprawling metropolises.

  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: La Siesta Press; Revised edition (1974)
  • ASIN: B0006W8PG8