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7.5' USGS Topo Maps

Camp Spots

Cross Country Passes

Fishless Lakes

Food Resupply

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    This map is powered by Google Maps, ArcGIS, and software written by Greg Cope

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    About The Map:

    The High Sierra Map contains information specifit to the Sierra Nevada which is added and edited by curators - taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge HighSierraTopix.com members have to offer.

    Based upon Google Maps, its features include:

    - Topo map, Terrain, Road, and satellite options
    - Custom Information organized by category. The current categories cover the High Sierra region, and include:

    + Cross-country passes.
    + 7.5' USGS topo maps with links to download the full topo as a TIFF.
    + Fishless lakes, annotated based upon giantbrookie's Fish Kill and Lost Lake thread
    + 13k and 14k peaks
    + Hot spring, waterfalls, food resupply locations, difficult seasonal creek crossings, and more…

    - Full browser page map views
    - Recent updates page.
    - Customizable widgets and features.
    - Search feature of all map items or those only within select categories.
    - Ability to link to the map, or embed the map in the HST forums, using the text below the map.

    Corrections or suggested additions should be made via the comments and suggestions forum.

    Unless otherwise noted, the data available on this webpage is licensed under the Create Commons Attribution 3.0 License.