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Tabbose>Lakes>DumbbellTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

maverick 04-28 -2016

Kaweah to RockslideTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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Cecile to MinaretTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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Route to Discovery PassTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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campspotCamp Spots

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campspotCamp Spots

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Campsite 2Camp Spots

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Campsite 1Camp Spots

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Matterhorn PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass between Matterhorn Canyon and Spiller Creek.
From Matterhorn Canyon ascend easy class 2 grassy slopes lined with smaller talus until about 150 feet on steeper terrain takes you to the top of the pass. It may be possible to maintain climbing class 2 slopes but I had at least one 15 foot section of class 3 before I reached the top.

From the top you have two options. The first which is the only one talked about in guide books is to turn right and climb slightly higher to enter a very steep loose chute. Looking at this chute at the time I simply said screw that! Perhaps once in it it's not as bad as it looked to me but I would use caution while in it.

The other option which I took is to turn left and begin up the ridge a bit towards Matterhorn Peak. You will find yourself on a steep hill side with loose sandy and sometimes vertical class 3 climbing. Extreme caution should be used to safely navigate down this.

To be fair my over all opinion of this pass might be a bit over stated in caution due to the fact that extremely high ice cold winds turned it into a terrifying experience. - RoguePhotonic 05 Nov 2013 08:25 pm

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ERIC 03-13 -2016

Stanton PassCross Country Passes

Class 3. This Pass leads between Spiller Creek and the upper most area of Virginia Canyon and Virginia Lake. Both sides consist of class 3 ledges and chutes. From Spiller Creek ascend easy grass slopes until you find yourself casually talus hoping with large patches of easy terrain in between. One large pile of talus is sloping down from the pass a bit on the right. Ascend this until it narrows into class 3 rock that must be climbed until the top. From here you must navigate down a tricky mess of class 3 shelves where it's not so easy to see ahead to plan properly. Climb at an angle down to your right. - RoguePhotonic 05 Nov 2013 08:49 pm

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ERIC 03-13 -2016

Don't Be a Smart PassCross Country Passes

Class 2. Connects Upper McCabe Lake and Roosevelt Lake. Loose talus and snow can be expected on its north side. From Upper McCabe Lake go around the Southern shore until you reach a rib coming down blocking your view of the pass. It's best to stay at lake level as climbing the rib puts you in some tricky rock mixed with some small trees. From here I cannot give much insight into the climb to the top as the snow cover was about 95% however the slopes were easily climbed without the need of an ice axe. The Southern slope takes you down easy terrain. I stayed in or near a small chute directly in the center of the pass. - RoguePhotonic 05 Nov 2013 09:07 pm

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ERIC 03-13 -2016

Deer PassCross Country Passes

Class 1 pass between Duck Lake and Deer Lakes. If following the Mammoth Crest Trail the trail will become extremely indistinct after passing the middle lake of the Deer Lakes. Continue up easy slopes until nearing the pass itself. Most maps show a trail going to the right up and over a hump 400 feet higher. Ignore this flaw and aim for the obvious low saddle. You will climb a talus slope with a few bits of a use trail until the terrain radically changes into easy class 1 terrain. Continue along this gaining a bit more altitude until you cross the final low saddle and begin down the pass on more class 1 terrain. Although a use trail can be followed off of the pass it fades away before long. - RoguePhotonic 05 Nov 2013 09:30 pm

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ERIC 03-11 -2016

Scimitar PassCross Country Passes

Class 3 pass. Leave the cross-country route to Glacier Notch where the stream from Elinore Lake meets the stream descending from the cirque between Temple crag and Mount Gayley. Hike up the open chute west of the stream that descends from Elinore Lake; the easiest route is on the eastern side of the chute. Cintinue south from Elinore Lake, aiming for the flat spot on the ridge leading west up to the Sierra crest. Follow the ridge up to the pass skirting the permanent snowfield northeast of the Palisade Crest. From the west, climb to the northeast from Lake 11672 ft. Instead of going to the low point immediately southeast of Mount Jepson, climb onto the northwest shoulder of Palisade Crest. The correct crossing is approx 200 ft above the saddle; it can be easily identified once the ridge leading down to the east is seen.

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ERIC 03-11 -2016

Elizabeth - Rehmann - Tuolumne PassTrails (Local/Short)

Always easy to get a permit - always open. Use trail evident.

copeg 03-11 -2016

Vidette to DeerhornTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

maverick 02-29 -2016

campCamp Spots

maverick 02-25 -2016

campCamp Spots

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CampCamp Spots

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Vernon to lake on benchTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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Crystal PassCross Country Passes

Class 3 - The upper West side of this pass should be considered high level technical class 3. The upper East side is mid level class 3. If traveling East to West leave Amphitheater Lake on it's SW shore by climbing the only available grass / talus slope. Before you are able to exit this you will have to complete a single class 3 climb. From here begin angling up the easy slabs / talus until your directly under the pass. From here you can pick two basic options. You either have to zig zag up some exposed out sloped granite slabs until you can make the final class 3 blocks to the top or you can pick one or two broken cracks and make a some what vertical ascent.

Once on top an obvious route down is not visible nor is there one. Hook hard right and climb along the knife edge ridge of the pass until you find yourself climbing along a 5 inch out crop on the East side of the pass. Shimmey along this rock that will be about waist high until you are blocked by a wall. Climb over the rock your holding onto to get onto the West face. From here you will need to zig zag along this West face which is quite technical and steep so use your best judgement in order to safely make it down. This part of the descent I considered to be the most difficult. Once off the technical faces it will be obvious that you need to pick up some use trails in the sand below. Before you get to them however use allot of caution on these sections of rock. They are covered in sand and are quite slippery. - RoguePhotonic 15 Dec 2013 08:27 pm

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ERIC 02-21 -2016