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Wilts ColCross Country Passes

Listed as "class 2-3" in Secor's book, but there's certainly no class 3 rock there. Both sides are a mix of sand & class 1-2 talus. Snowier on the north, steeper on the south.. Pass between the Echo Peaks, used to access Matthes Crest/Echo Lake from Budd Lake. Scree gully leading up to pass from the north.. - by c9h13no3 29 July 2019

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ERIC 08-20 -2019

Merriam LakeCross Country Passes

Class 3. The northern side of the pass consists of steep and loose rock, and may be covered with snow or ice.

maverick 08-30 -2017

SARTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

maverick 08-11 -2017

Horse Creek PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 Pass between Twin Lakes and Spiller Creek.

"People call this pass Class 2 but when I came over it in July 2016 it is a full on trail from start to finish starting at Twin Lakes, basically a walk up. From the parking lot at the end of Twin Lakes road park in the South end of the lot which is located at the SW corner of Twin Lakes. There is a trailhead there for Horse Creek but you need to walk south a bit from the parking lot to get to it. I have read reports of people having trouble finding the trail but I think all those issues were a pre dawn start in the dark. Once on the trail it is very easy to follow until maybe 2/3 of the way up and you get into a rocky area but route finding shouldn't be an issue with common sense (keep heading south and up). I only took the trail to the pass as I was heading up to Matterhorn so I am not sure what/if any trail exists heading further south into Yosemite NP." - SNOOOOW 12 July 2017

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ERIC 07-12 -2017

Ericsson PassCross Country Passes

Class 2-3 pass. Upper portion of the northern side of this pass is difficult.

"This is a slightly lower elevation alternative to nearby Harrison Pass for transit between the Upper Kern and the trio of Lakes bounded by Ericsson, Stanford and Deerhorn peaks. As with Harrison Pass the south side is a stroll across the upper Kern plateau, but when you hit the ridge, it's a different story. Like Harrison, this is a long crawl up (or descent down) a hillside with uneven terrain, loose rock and gravel. Unfortunately, we did not get any photos in the chute itself, but it's very similar to Harrison. In the end, there is nothing complicated about this route: it simply requires time and perseverance. I recall pretty much hugging the right wall of the ascent to avoid all the loose rocks in the middle of the chute." - by: cgundersen 12 July 2017

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ERIC 07-13 -2017

Granite Bear PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass.

See Granite Bear Pass

copeg 07-07 -2017

60 Lakes ColCross Country Passes

Class 2/3 pass. Connects 60 Lakes Basin to Gardiner Basin. From 60 Lakes basin start on the west side of lake 3304 and head up the inlet on the EAST side. It may be hard to cross at first but it allows for easier travel further up. Follow the creek up on easy class 2 slabs and ramps until you get to several small tarns below lake 3435. From there talus hop up to the pass; there's no easy shortcuts, all simple looking ways end up cliffed out. Just bite the bullet and climb up. I haven't gone over the West side but it looks like more of the same. There are cairns and ducks on that side that may help, no confirmation on that though. - by zacjust32 20 Feb 2017

Recall the east side being a mix of talus and lots of tedious shelves. West side consisted of large boulders and talus, all relatively stable. - by copeg 21 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-12 -2017

Rockwell PassCross Country Passes

Class 1/2 pass. Leads between Tyndal and Write Creeks in Sequoia National Park. This pass does not really need a description as from Tyndal or Wright creeks the saddle is obvious, the country is wide open, and there is a user trail once you get within a few hundred feet of vertical on either side. Class 1. - by oldranger 20 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-12 -2017

Tableland PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. Class 2 on eastern side down to Big Bird Lake over large slabs. From the Tablelands just head to the Pass where the small tarn at the head of the Big Bird Lake Chain of lakes is located. If you can't read a map and the terrain you are SOL because there really are no distinctive features to point out. To drop down to Big Bird do not drop down to the lakes above Big Bird but work your way down and East toward the ridge that slopes SSE to the west of Big Bird. From that ridge there is a steep grass covered gully that leads down to the lake about 2/3 of the way down the lake. An alternate route is to traverse North on the side of the ridge to the lake basin NW of Big Bird Lake going to about the second lowest lake in the chain before traversing and dropping to the North end of Big Bird. The reverse of either route will get you from Big Bird to Tablelands pass. The green gully that drops down to the lake is pretty obvious from the north end of the lake. - by oldranger 20 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-11 -2017

McCabe PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. Connects upper 20 Lakes Basin and Upper McCabe Lake. Lots of people take this pass to get from Saddlebag Lake to the McCabes. Many people take the old mining road to the south end of Steelhead lake then work their way up to the east side of Cascade lake and then head north up to Secret Lake just below the saddle that is McCabe Pass. Some prefer to follow the road all the way to the North end of Steelhead Lake and follow it to the 3rd switchback before working their way up to the broad slope between Cascade Lake and Hidden Lake. But here is the real crux. Go to the SW corner of Secret lake and look for the ducks and follow them religiously! If you do so you will work your way to the top of the ridge and not have to use your hands at all. Pay attention to where you attain the ridge because it is hard to find that point on return. At the top you will turn right (North) to the saddle where there is an old bent up park boundary sign. At that point look for a user trail zigzagging down to the west before turning n. into a gully that heads down to the broad saddle that separates the NE corner of upper McCabe with the broad valley to the SW of Shepherd Crest.

Most people tend to work their way farther South than the ducked route. That is OK. But then they try to go down directly to the lake and that makes it much more difficult. Watched people take 2 hours of dicey down climbing and steep snow to make it down to the lake. It is much easier to head north until you get to the lowest point before the ridge rises to Shepard Crest before dropping down.

From the west just do the reverse. but if it is your first time finding the one easy route down to hidden lake can be difficult. - by oldranger 19 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-11 -2017

Italy PassCross Country Passes

Class 1/2 pass. This pass leads from Lake Italy into Granite Park. Both the East and West side of this pass are very straightforward. There is a decent use trail on the east that you will lose and pick up on your way from Lake Italy to Jumble Lake and on up to the pass. When there isn't a use trail it is basic talus and grass ramps from Jumble Lake up to the pass.

The West side of this pass contains a use trail that has not been maintained in many years but is still fairly distinguishable most of the way from the bottom to the top of the pass. There is a use trail that comes and goes throughout Granite Park. Hence given the use trail and easy terrain this pass is between a Class 1 and Class 2. - by alpinemike 17 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-11 -2017

Kuna Crest SaddleCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. The cross-country pass at the south head of Helen Lake; the pass connects the Parker Creek watershed to the north with the Kuna Creek headwaters to the south.

(Southwest to Northeast) From the west side, ascend to the pass on broad grassy and sandy slopes. The trekking on the west side is easy class 1-2. Aim for the lowest point on the saddle, as marked on the HST map. From the top of the pass, look towards Helen Lake (below) and plan your descent route. The NE side of the pass is steeper than the SW side; the NE side is mostly large tallus and boulders, requiring some class 3 moves to scramble over the bigger boulders. [EDIT: See the comment in the More Info thread by @giantbrookie -- the NE side can be entirely class 2 if you follow a northernly route. ] Once you reach Helen Lake, traverse around the south shore and cross its outlet stream. As you descend to Parker Creek, keep the outlet stream on your right; this will keep you on easy class 1-2 slopes. The other side of the outlet has mildly annoying talus. - by vhsvhs 18 Feb 2017

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ERIC 03-03 -2017

Shout of Relief PassCross Country Passes

Class 2. This pass leads from the basin South of Tully Lake and across the Silver Divide to Rosy Finch Lake.

Both the North and South sides of this pass are straightforward Class 2. The North side is very gently and ascends grassy ramps and small talus. Definitely a sigh of relief from the North. The South side is a little more tedious with more talus and granite out croppings but nothing substantial and nothing harder than someone on the Sierra High Route has not seen from especially the South. Pick your way down to Rosy Finch Lake or traverse laterally towards Bighorn Pass if you're doing a SHR traverse or part of it. - by alpinemike 17 Feb 2017

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Crocker ColCross Country Passes

Class 2-3 pass. This pass leads from Pioneer Basin into the Hopkins Lake drainage.

The East Side of this pass contains a more or less permanent patch of snow that will be ice ax and crampon/micro-spike worthy in early season. Since we went through here in late season there was very little snow to contend with. It is mostly a talus and boulder pile that is mostly stable. The very top of the pass is fairly steep and is loose dirt and sand, but overall the general difficulty is no greater than a steep Class 2 pass. Snow conditions will make it much more dangerous but also easier in some ways since they will cover up the talus and boulders.

The West Side of the pass is a system of granite shelves and talus that you easily navigate down into the Hopkins Lake drainage below. No issues were found here. - by alpinemike 17 Feb 2017

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Stanford ColCross Country Passes

Class 2-3. Leads from Steelhead Lake into Pioneer Basin.

The South Side of is easy and straightforward. A simple sand and scree slope.

The North side I have not done but from photos it looks like a major talus and boulder field. It is a moraine pile and from experience on moraine piles I'm sure it will be quite loose in places. Snow will also be found on the Northern side in average snow years so an ice ax would be useful and warranted. - by alpinemike 16 Feb 2017

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Little Joe's PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 Pass. This pass leads from Lake Reflection to the Upper Kern Basin directly to the west of Lucy's Foot Pass.

The West Side of this pass is straightforward if you find the correct chute to climb up. From Lake Reflection climb up the steep wooded hillside directly across from the outlet. On the map you will see that a tarn is several hundred feet up from the lake. You will pass this tarn on the South side and continue side-hiling across mostly stable talus. This should all be easy Class 2 terrain. From here you will be tempted to enter into a chute that is directly to your east. You will likely be staring up it. DO NOT ENTER THIS CHUTE! Rogue Photonic and I made the mistake of thinking this was the proper chute and unfortunately it was not. We ended up on major Class 3 and even Class 4 climbing at the top of the chute on the ridge to get into the proper chute to get to the top of the pass. The chute that you need to enter is further South and slightly to the East. Since we did not enter this chute I can not account for the exact terrain but from other photos I've seen and TR's I've read it is just as stable and straightforward as the chute we climbed, which was Class 2 Talus and boulders mixed with sand.

The top of the pass had 2 cairns on top when we went through in August of 2016. The East side is nothing more than a basic Class 2 talus and sand walk up.

From other reports it is also possible to enter into this chute from the shoreline of Lake Reflection directly. Although I am not sure if that includes more brush and talus at the bottom. - by alpinemike 16 Feb 2017

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Emeric Pass (unofficial)Cross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. Connects Emeric Lake (connects to Fletcher Creek trail) in the Cathedral Range of the Yosemite Wilderness with the unnamed lake 9637 in the Echo Creek drainage to the north, and then ultimately to Nelson Lake, where you can pick up a good trail to Tuolumne Meadows. - by wildhiker 10 Nov 2016

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Slide Pass (unofficial)Cross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. This pass leads from the Slides Lakes to the tarn above West Kennedy Lake.

The West Side of this pass climbs up a system of ledges and talus to the top. This side is most easily reached by following the drainage up and around Peak 10,281 that is located directly to the East of the Slide Lakes.

The East side is is an easy talus slope to the tarn above West Kennedy Lake. One must contour around slightly to the North to avoid the cliffs blocking a direct descent down. We went towards Kennedy Mtn. from the top of this pass and it was a straightforward talus climb that posed no issues. - by alpinemike 16 Oct 2016

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Gimme PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. This pass leads from the Swamp Lake to the West of Slide Peak to the Slide Lakes.

The West Side of this pass climbs up via mostly a forested slope with no route finding challenges. This is from the dumbbell shaped Swamp Lake to the West of Slide Peak. Follow up the drainage from this lake to the top of the pass.

The East side is mostly a sand and dirt slope to the bottom where you hit the highest Slide Lake. - by alpinemike 16 Oct 2016

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ERIC 02-26 -2017

Bolton Brown's ShoulderCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. This pass leads from the Northern Part of Upper Basin to the basin West of the Palisade Lakes.

Since we did not climb down the North side of this pass I can not give a first hand description of it. But according to what we saw and our photos it looked like an easy but long talus slog that stayed within Class 2.

The South side of this pass is approached from the largest lake in Upper Basin below Mt. Prater and Bolton Brown. From the lake follow the drainage up via grassy ramps and small talus fields. Towards the top the talus fields get larger but remain relatively stable. The final climb to the top features some sand, dirt, and talus. Overall an easy Class 2 pass from the South. - by alpinemike 16 Oct 2016

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ERIC 02-26 -2017