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Rockwell PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass.

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copeg 02-21 -2017

Tableland PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. Class 2 on eastern side down to Big Bird Lake over large slabs.

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Stanford ColCross Country Passes

Class 3

See Stanford Col Description

copeg 02-16 -2017

One-Way Pass (Unofficial)Cross Country Passes

Class 2. Gives access between upper Horton Lakes and Desolation Lake, crossing the Sierra Crest about half way between Four Gables and Mt. Humphreys. Secor provides good descriptions of this route (from both sides) as approach routes for climbing Mt. Humphreys. From the upper of the two Upper Horton Lakes, go up the rockbound valley (heading SW) on medium to large talus. There appear to be two possible gulley routes along the south wall of this small valley on both sides of a cliff band. We tried and succeeded on the first of these. It was small loose talus and scree, but doable with full packs. From the top of the gully, an easy shallow valley leads to the obvious, sandy pass. Desolation Lake is an easy walk down. It also looked like you could follow the foot of Humphreys toward the Humphrey's Lakes and Piute Pass. - by seejay317 18 Sep 2016

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ERIC 09-19 -2016

Crabtree Pass / Miter PassCross Country Passes

Moderate Class 2 pass. This pass leads from the popular Miter Basin area to the lovely Crabtree Lakes chain.

"Parenthetical numbers in the text refer to numbers on map attached to the below linked thread. Starting from the north shore of Sky Blue Lake, head west along the north shore of the lake to a small waterfall at the inlet. There are a few ways up this waterfall, but the best is a ramp that starts west of the waterfall and tacks back east to the head of it ('1' on map). After a short uphill you'll reach a confluence (2). To the east, a gently sloped creek takes you to Arc Pass, to the west, a steeper creek takes you to Crabtree. Turn west and either walk right up the creek or follow a cairned route along the north slope of the creekbed. You'll top out at a rocky, flat basin with a small lake in the middle (3). Walk west on either shore of this lake and find a rocky moraine at the lake's head (4). A tall cairn stands out at the top of this moraine. Scramble up the moraine on one of several routes - it's a little steep with some loose sand, but not hard - and gain the top. Turn right and walk north along the top of the moraine until you can look east into another flat, rocky basin with another small lake (5). Walk east past this lake into a meadow with two decent campsites. From here, a broad granite ramp cuts west and up the slope to the north (6). Walk up this ramp to the outlet creek of the small lake west of Mount Newcomb, then follow this creek up to the lake itself (7). This lake is probably the most important navigational point, so whatever you do, make sure you end up here. From the outlet of this lake, walk east along the south shore until it gets rocky and steep. Gain about 20 feet of elevation above the lakeshore and countour northeast to a saddle on the lake's east side. Cross this saddle and pick up a route of intermittent cairns and use trails. This route wasn't quite well marked enough to follow full-time, but try to broadly keep the same elevation - DON'T drop down to Lake 3697. After a rough contour that requires a few ups and downs, you'll come to a tiny tarn (8). Climb up on the left side of this tarn to a larger one (9). Swing around this tarn on its west side, then head east around its north shore. A granite cliff will peter out as you move east and you'll shortly be able to swing around it into a rocky, bouldery draw. Start up the bottom of the draw until a really good use trail becomes obvious on your left (10). This trail leads you out of the draw, behind a low rock wall, and up to the pass." - by shtinkypuppie 31 Aug 2016

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ERIC 08-31 -2016

White Bear PassCross Country Passes

Difficult Class 2. This pass gives access between the Bear Lake Basin to the Italy Pass Tail just below the outlet of Lake Italy. Specifically, it runs from White Bear Lake down past Brown Bear Lake.

"Parenthetical numbers in the text refer to numbers on map attached to the below linked thread. This description is also in the opposite direction as RJ Secor provides.
Starting from just about anywhere in the Bear Lakes/Vee Lake area, get to the outlet of Black Bear Lake. From here, look north to see a broad green ramp leading up from the north shore (1). Follow a decent use trail up this ramp to a pair of very small, possibly dry tarns. Hike between them, along the northeast shore of the westernmost lake. Come across the little drainage connecting the two tarns, then up an obvious dirt ramp to the north, turning left (west) as you ascend the ramp (2). This will bring you straight to the east shore of White Bear Lake. From here, ascend slightly onto the little granite knob that cliffs out the east shore of White Bear Lake - not too high (you'll find yourself on the use trail for Dancing Bear Pass), but maybe 6-10 feet above the lakeshore. Contour north along the flank of this knob (3) until it gives way to a nice sandy slope with an obvious tread cut across it (4). This tread will take you right to the summit of White Bear Pass." - by shtinkypuppie 31 Aug 2016

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ERIC 08-31 -2016

Walton to OttowayTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

maverick 07-21 -2016

Milestone PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. The low point of the saddle has a cliff on its northwestern side. From Milestone Creek, approach the pass on its far right (north) side, then traverse to the left (south) down into the pass. from Milestone Bowl, climb to the low point of the saddle and follow the ridge on the left (north) until it is possible descend easily to Milestone Creek.
Milestone Pass Information

copeg 07-13 -2016

Arrow PassCross Country Passes

Class 2 pass. From Bench Lake for the second saddle southwest of Arrow Peak (the first saddle has a cliff on its northern side). From the top of the pass, traverse west above the lake at the head of Arrow Peak before descending the creek to the lowest lake in the basin.

Arrow Pass Information

copeg 07-13 -2016

Blue Lake PassCross Country Passes

Class 2. Provides access between Harriet Lake / Forester Creek and Blue Lake / Bench Canyon. Steep talus on the western side.

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copeg 07-13 -2016

Lamarck ColCross Country Passes

Cross country approach from North Lake to Darwin Bench. Class 2.

Leave the Lamarck Lakes Trail between the two lakes (UTM 542196) approximately where the trail crosses the stream. Descend the use trail southwest thru a clearing and small pond climbing the steep slope above, continue southwest thru a sandy valley to the small lake (pond) situated below the Lamarck ridgeline and at the base of the seasonal glacier/snowfield. There are different locations indicated online for where Lamarck Col proper is located, it's location is at: 37.1904900, -118.6673300

Once at the top start you descent keeping north of the lakes, try to slowly descend toward Lake #4, as you get closer you will encounter numerous use trails, pick one and descend in Darwin Canyon skirting the lakes on their northern side. Make sure to turn around and memorize the location of Lamarck Col, if you carry a camera turn around and take several shots so you will ascend towards the correct location on you way back. - by maverick - 30 Jun 2016

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ERIC 06-30 -2016

Theodore Solomons TrailTrails (Regional/Long)

Theodore Solomons Trail

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SAR EmigrantTrails (Local/Short)

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Lock Leven LakesTrails (Regional/Long)

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White Wolf to TuolumneTrails (Local/Short)

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Window LakeTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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Northern YosemiteTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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RouteTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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LakeTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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Tabbose>Lakes>DumbbellTrails (Not Maintained/Routes)

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