Echo Col

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Echo Col

Post by Bluewater » Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:40 pm

TITLE: Echo Col

GENERAL OVERVIEW: This pass leads from Echo Lake in Sabrina Basin to the JMT in Upper LeConte Canyon.


LOCATION: Kings Canyon National Park. HST Map


USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Mt. Darwin.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: From Sabrina Basin travel cross country from Moonlight Lake south to Echo Lake. Follow several ducks and a use trail that lead from the west side of the outlet of Echo Lake to the cliffs along the west side of the lake and finally to the cirque just below the col. In late season (Sept. 2012) there was very little snow or ice as the snowfield had almost completely melted away. Trail runners were fine.

There are several 'use trails' up the steep boulder field to the col. While facing the col start on the left side and follow some of the more stable sections toward the base of the col. This section is made up of loose boulders and scree and probably the most challenging part.

Once past the loose section follow the class 3 chute to the top of the chimney. The chute is just to the right of the chimney made up of dark rocks. There is a small flat plateau on top just large enough for two adult sized hikers. The climb down the south side of the col starts with a much shorter class 3 climb, then a boulder field and finally easy granite benches. There is a small tarn and bivy sites in this small cirque.

Follow the ridge above lake 11,428 from west to east then go around the lake on the east side. There are good camp sites on the south shore of lake 11,428. Starting about 100 feet west of the lake outlet follow granite benches from west to east toward the outlet, then follow a short steep gully just west of the outlet stream down to the final boulder field.

PHOTOS: These are in order starting from the north/Echo Lake side:

Route map:
echo col route.JPG
The route along the east side of Echo Lake to the cirque below the col:
Crash site in the cirque:
82.8 crash site.JPG
Route through the loose boulder field to the col:
Echo Col north side:
The final class 3 chute on the north side:
Echo Col from the south side:
Echo Col from the small cirque on the south side:
The route down to Lake 11,428:
The route up the first 400 feet from the JMT:
If you are interested I did a short video about the route:" onclick=";return false;

And, for more details about the route I did a trip report:

http://seatosummitultralight.blogspot.c ... n-via.html" onclick=";return false;
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