Any camping before reaching Lower Young Lake (Yosemite)

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Any camping before reaching Lower Young Lake (Yosemite)

Post by Talynne » Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:10 pm

So the original plan was to backpack straight to Glen aulin, and do a side trip to WW Falls, but the quota was full. I did manage to get a permit for Young Lakes via Glen Aulin trail. My understanding is that the permit system governs where you camp the first night, and that after the first night, my trip can then head towards Glen Aulin. The trip is slated for 4 days 07/28-07/31.

I note that while the Meadows and Glen Aulin are free of snow, Young Lakes seems to still have abit up there. That being said, I am also aware there is a no-camping zone around Tuolumne Meadows, but I am not exactly where that 4 mile mark is from the trail perspective.

Is there a place outside the no-camping zone, but before Young Lakes that is legal and decent to camp at? If so, is it before or after the mile or so stretch where the majority of the altitude gain appears to lie?

If needed, I have no great problem camping at Lower Young Lake the first night, and then backtracking down and across to Glen Aulin the next day, but if there's a way to eliminate snow camping, the chunk of altitute gain on the way to Young Lakes, and the extra miles needed to backtrack the next day to Glen Aulin, I'd be interested to know the details.

First time backpacking to Tuoloumne Meadows (tons of other backpacking experience though), so any pointers or info regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Any camping before reaching Lower Young Lake (Yosemite)

Post by snusmumriken » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:41 pm

I have an old Trails Illustrated Yosemite map that shows the no-camping zones in a different shade. May not be 100% accurate, but close enough.

Start in Tuolomne, hike two miles toward Glen Aulin, then take the trail towards Young Lakes and the no camping zone ends about three miles into this trail. You'll be at about 9600 feet, 5 trail miles from Tuolomne, half a mile short of where the two trails to Young Lakes merge and two miles short of the first Young Lake.

If it were me I would just continue on to Young Lakes, its a pretty place to spend the night and toodle around in the morning. Next day is a easy, mostly downhill hike to Glen Aulin.

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Re: Any camping before reaching Lower Young Lake (Yosemite)

Post by maverick » Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:05 pm

Like mention above your map should have a shaded zone where camping is not
From looking at my map it looks like you could camp about 1.25 mile away from the
where the trail branches become one.
The Dog Lake Trail branch is perfect because right where Dindley Creek intersects with
the trail(great for close water) is where it becomes legal to camp, the other western
branch does not have water close by.
If your still are not certain than just ask the ranger to show you on the map when you
get your permit.

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Re: Any camping before reaching Lower Young Lake (Yosemite)

Post by bps999 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:22 pm

the permit system is designed to quota the trailhead instead of the destination. If they permit young separate from glen aulin that may be somewhat of an excetion to that idea, and going to glen on a young permit may not be totally within the rules in their eyes even on the second night... I would ask if you want to be sure, or it may be better not to ask if you don't want their answer... Also I think every starting date is a separate quota so if you could not get a 7/28 glen permit you may still be able to get a 7/29 one. Especially if you try to get a 7/29 first come permit in person on 7/28 when you start out towards young...

permit issues aside, I would be surprised if you were forced to camp on snow at young in late july. It is in a north facing cup, but ususally if you get creative about camping on ledges above lakes you can find dry spots as well as better views. have a good trip.

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