Searching for someone I once knew around Maricosa/Yosemite

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Searching for someone I once knew around Maricosa/Yosemite

Post by garyclaytonpalmer » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:58 am

Back in 1980 I used to hike in Yosemite with a fellow by the names of either Tad Cook and/or Tad Buckholt or simular. I have not heard from him since 1980. I believe he was from Mariposa just outside Yosemite.
He was kind of a older guy maybe in his 30-40's back in 80 when I was 24. He had been in the Air Force I think and lived then when I knew him in the wilderness of the high Sierra. He was into food caching and staying in the wilderness most of the year.
As mentioned above I knew him as Tad Cook, but I think his real last name was like Bulkholt or Buckholtz. He told me he had used the Holtz name because he did not want his relatives to find him. He was very kinda crazy sometimes.
Does this name sound familiar to anyone from around there? I would really like to find this guy again. He was short and thin then in 80. He had either blond or greyish hair and often sposted a large Goatie beard. He used to wear a Air Force flight suit to hike in all the time.
I used to have slides of him but no more.
We hiked together from January to May 1980 in Yosemite.

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