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Post by FortyCaliber » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:32 pm

Hello everyone. I'm new.

A quick intro: I am 27 live in Oakland, CA. I love camping with a minimalist mentality, leave no trace, and all that. I enjoy backpacking and hiking but only as a means to an end (the camp site.) I'm not hardcore in the sense that I spend $500 on a pack that will do the job of a $100 pack and I don't cut my toothbrush to save half an ounce, but I am hardcore int he sense that I'm willing to wrestle a wolf for food (though I've never done it,) suture my own leg if needed (though I've never done it) and climb over just about anything to get back on track if my trail is lost (done it.)

Recently: I happened across a site talking about a bug-out bag and then thought that I need to inventory my field first aid kit and replace some missing things. Then I found it and came across all of my camping stuff and then found 2 holes from my last trip in my pack which I then promptly patched and sewed; then I found my mag/flint striker and started a small fire in my backyard; then found my makeshift soda can stove (you know the one), added alcohol, lit it, and promptly boiled a pan of water for no reason but to boil a pan of water with the stove.

Now I want to camp again. My family and friends think camping is pulling up next to a family of yahoos in an SUV, pitching a tent, lighting a fire in a fire ring using logs purchased from a store down the street, eating a picnic table, having a cooler, and leaving the next day.

My idea of camping is 3 days and 2 nights of hiking in (10 miles with a 2000+ foot ascent) dropping pack, eating off of the same pan I will eat off of again tomorrow, making a fire by FINDING wood... get ready... IN THE WOODS, sleeping, possibly and hopefully, without a tent, changing only my skivvies, eating a bug or two, drinking lake water, crapping in a hole, playing stupid campfire games, going to sleep, waking up, and doing it all over again, of course, with the 10 mile hike out at the end.

Nope, no dice. Wife's a punk about it and so are all of her punk siblings.

So what I need is a group of people who camp and backpack together sometimes, at the very least, and would be willing to have "just one more" along for the trip.


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