Weather in the Eastern Sierras?

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Weather in the Eastern Sierras?

Post by BackPackJack » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:10 pm

I'm planning to backpack the Little Lakes area (via Mosquito Flats trailhead) in a couple of weeks.. It's located at about 10,500 ft. I know Bishop has been about 100/60 the last few weeks. But, can anyone tell me what kind of temperatures to expect in the higher elevations?

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Post by tomcat_rc » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:50 pm

I am hiking out of South Lake and North Lake this weekend - will bring back an update next week
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Post by quentinc » Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:01 pm

Last weekend at Mesyan Lake (just south of the main Whitney Trail), which is at around 11,400, it was incredibly warm. Someone who had a thermometer said that it was 55 at about 6:30a.m.


Post by huts » Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:25 am

I just returned from a week over Pine Creek Pass. It was painfully hot at times during the day and warm enough to be hanging out of the sleeping bag at night. But the original question.......In a couple of weeks it could be much colder at night than it has been at 10,000 ft but still warm during the day. I remember one year having temps go from 27-70 degrees. Bring shorts and sunscreen, something more than a "summer weight" sleeping bag and choose a campsite that will get some sun early in the morning (or if you are like me choose a beautiful spot and find that the sun rises right over the top of that mountain and my camp in on the shade summit)

Little Lakes should be nice. The crowds start to thin at this time of year.

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Post by TonyC » Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:56 am

I was just out there this past week and in the afternoon at 12,000 feet, my thermometer said it was 68 degrees. I'm sure in two weeks, it could cool off a bit, but I usually hiked with shorts and a T-shirt if it wasn't early morning.

Three days ago, I hiked from Mosquito Flat to Morgan Pass. It was great although I didn't have perfect weather. It was mostly cloudy from the start, which slightly dampened the views, but still it was nice.

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