Your Appetite while Backpacking?

Have a favorite trail recipe or technique you'd like to share? Please do! We also like reviews of various trail food products out there. The Backcountry Food Topix forum is the place to discuss all things related to food and nourishment while in the Sierra wilderness (as well as favorite trail head eateries).
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Re: Your Appetite while Backpacking?

Post by rlown » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:29 pm

Bearzy? :(

I know, that would be really low on my list as well.

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Re: Your Appetite while Backpacking?

Post by Rockyroad » Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:11 am

Harlen wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:24 pm
Rockyroad writes:
after reading about Harlen's fasting experiment, I considered going out with only Fritos and peanut M&Ms. However, I decided against it because if I got tired of them, I wouldn't have anything else to fall back on.
Regarding "nothing else to fall back on"- why not very small pieces of one's own flesh? I read somewhere that cannibalizing oneself when starving doesn't really work well because one burns as many calories healing the wound as you gain from the piece of yourself. I wonder how well studied this technique really is though? The lack of of data leaves the question open, at least it does to me ..... perhaps the NOLS could do further experiments- WD? For instance, what if after taking a bite out of your shoulder or biceps you immediately cauterize the wound, pop a pain pill, and just keep on truckin' down the Rockyroad? An extreme version of the "self-sufficient" trip.

Rocky, do you hike with a partner, if so, another option presents itself.... Alexander Pearce anyone???

Well I have heard, and then read a lot about obscure Alexander Pearce, and his grisly backcountry traveling methods. Mainly because my friend Shaun Pearce- the mild looking Tasmanian school teacher pictured below, likes to think he's related, and calls him "Uncle Alex." If nothing else, Alexander Pearce was a survivor.

Ahh, the age-old conundrum of who gets eaten when the food supply gets low, or unappetizing (to stay on topic). I hike solo most of the time so haven’t had to wrestle with this problem, but I have wondered whether marmot tastes like chicken.

Do you hike with Shaun? Probably a good idea to carry plenty of food if you do.

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Re: Your Appetite while Backpacking?

Post by jbinsb » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:59 am

I have discovered that I am, as one of my backpacking partners once observed "one of those people who needs to eat all the time." I'm 5-9 and 150 (same as in high school some 45+ years ago) and can't eat a lot at one time but need the energy for 10-mile days at altitudes between 8k and 13K mostly in the Eastern Sierra. I keep a couple gels and a pack of Shot Blocks on me, and a mix of salted spicy cashews, macadamias, raisins and coconut in my pocket. Oatmeal with dried fruit in the morning and a freeze-dried Mountain House at night, though sometimes I can't finish it. Sometimes at altitude, I'm just not hungry but try to eat. Salami and cheese are my Nirvana on trail. And electrolytes help a lot.

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Re: Your Appetite while Backpacking?

Post by phoenix2000 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:49 pm

I've learned not to bother bringing a dinner for the 1st night out because I've never been hungry enough to eat anything on the 1st night. For breakfast I have 2 packets of oatmeal and a breakfast bar. I put a handful of trailmix, 6-7 pieces of home made beef jerky, 1 packet of fruit bites and 1 quaker chewy granola bar in a sandwich bag and stick it in my pocket. I then snack on it thru the day and eat the bar and bites at lunch time. It's not much food but for the 1st 3-4 days it's enough. At night I eat a freeze dried meal. I had been eating Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry meals but they've declined in taste over the years. Thanks to people on this site I discovered how good the food from Packit Gourmet is. My favorite is the All-American Works Burger.

The first few nights I can barely finish dinner but later in the trip I can finish them without a problem. I do carry a summer sausage and M&Ms. I don't feel like eating them until day 4. Then I crave them and pull them out and eat them at the end of the day's hike.

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