Solitude on Half Dome on a Saturday

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Solitude on Half Dome on a Saturday

Post by davidsheridan » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:59 am

Well, I figured I needed to make my Half Dome TR subject line somewhat intriguing, as most HST members are more into solitude further away from the crowds at Happy Isles. And a popular trail like Half Dome is not a crowd-pleaser.

But I figure I would post this TR anyway for two reasons:
1) We are all starving for TR's given the delayed season in 2019
2) It gives me a chance to plug the nonprofit I love and support: Bay Area Wilderness Training:

This is my third year in a row joining a group of fundraisers up to Half Dome in support of Bay Area Wilderness Training

Thursday 6/6/2019
• A group of 7 colleagues depart our office in Walnut Creek at 2:30 PM
• Quick Pit Stop at Chinese Camp Store for a beer in the backyard picnic tables
• Arrive at Half Dome Village and get some pizza before going to cabins for some sleep

Friday 6/7/2019
• Pickup Permit at wilderness center for 1 night at Little Yosemite Valley backpackers campground and Half Dome permits
• Hiking out of Half Dome village by 10AM and Arrive at Little Yosemite Valley Backpackers Camp by 2:30PM
• At Camp: Enjoy the beach on the Merced river, Happy hour, stretching, early dinner, early bedtime

Saturday 6/8/2019
• Wake up at 2 a.m.
• 3AM – start night hike
• Hit sub-dome at First light, and witness sunrise on the cables
• We had the whole Half Dome to ourselves “Solitude on Half Dome”
02 Mist Trail.JPG
Adam, Cassie, and Guin, move up the steep Mist Trail along Vernal Falls. The epic 2019 snowpack, was melting rapidly in the late spring sun, creating extremely powerful waterfalls on the Merced River. The Mist Trail, was more like a car wash this year!
03 Nevada Falls.png
David, Guin, Adam, Cassie, Eric, Jennifer, Perry pictured here climbing the Mist Trail alongside Nevada Falls. This team is part of a larger 33 member climbing team who are fundraising to support Bay Area Wilderness Training. Together this larger team is working to raise $80,000 to help enable hundreds of youth have similar outdoor adventures. Let's Help Get Youth Outdoors!
04 Camping LYV.png
Adam, David, Cassie, and Jennifer are hanging out at Little Yosemite Valley Backpackers Campground, getting some rest and enjoying a fun happy hour and stretching. There is a great beach alongside the Merced River. Early to bed tonight, the team will awake at 2 a.m. to be hiking by 3 a.m. to catch the sunrise on Half Dome! The team is so proud to fundraising support such a great organization, Bay Area Wilderness training. Let's Help Get Youth Outdoors!
05 Cassie Sub dome.png
Cassie, pictured here climbing high on the sub-dome at first light with Yosemite’s High Sierra and snow-capped peaks in the background. Moments later the sun would rise and light up Half Dome. Thank you Cassie for Helping Get Youth Outdoors!

06 Summit Flag Shot.JPG
Perry, Jennifer, Adam, and Eric on top of Half Dome. The skies clear as the team hiked through the night under the stars, and the sun rose as they ascended the cables of Half Dome. The team had Half Dome to themselves at this early morning hour. They are very proud to fundraise and support Bay Area Wilderness Training through the Climbing for Kids program. These employees of CSAA Insurance Group (AAA) are on top of the world and so thankful to be able to create opportunities for low-income youth and youth of color to have similar adventures in Yosemite and beyond!
07 Diving Board Team Shot.JPG
Jennifer, Perry, Eric, and David pictured here on the ‘diving board’ feature of Half Dome. The team is elated to have reached our summit, and have supported Bay Area Wilderness Training!
01 Cover.JPG
Jennifer descending the Half Dome cables. Jennifer overcame her fears, as she really didn't want to climb the cables after getting first glance of them atop the sub-dome. We are very proud of her for persevering, and also for her amazing fundraising efforts!
08 Cables.JPG
Half Dome cable route is a spectacular! The team is elated to have made it, and relieved to be down, making their way back to base camp. Climbing for Kids is such an amazing experience, not only for the personal adventures, but also for the greater good and supporting Bay Area Wilderness Training
09 Guin Descent.JPG
Guin looks out into Yosemite’s high country as she starts her descent from high on the Half Dome Trail. Thanks Guin for your efforts in fundraising!

Check out the full photo gallery here:
Check out the team fundraising page here: ... index.html
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