Tamarack Lake to Lion Lake

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Tamarack Lake to Lion Lake

Post by george » Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:32 pm

Does anyone know how easy, or not, it is to travel from Tamarack Lake, in the Elizabeth Pass/Bearpaw Meadow area of Sequoia NP, up to Lion Lake, then south over Lion Lake Pass into 9 Lake Basin? We'd like to go that way in 2 weeks as part of our loop hike from Mineral King.

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Post by maverick » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:47 am

I have'nt gone up from Tamarack Lake, but have gone down
from Lion Lake and its not bad, but there are a maze of ledges
some lead down to another ledge others ended in a drop offs which
make route finding a little tedious.
Also the area before you head up can be like a swamp but who
knows what its like this year.
Secor's book describes a trail from TL to LL, check it out.
At Lion Lake go to the uppermost lake and look for a stream thats
empties into the lake from the southwest, follow that up to the bench
west of the lake.
There's a climb to the south up talus where the pass is located,
easy class 2.

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Post by Take-a-Hike » Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:05 pm

George: I'd be real interested in your trip as we're (wife 'n I) are doing the reverse trip, partially, about the 16th or so of July. We're coming up the HST to 9 lakes then I was wondering about going from there up to Lion then down to Tamarack. I was asking Maverick his advice, so now I have it, in reverse. Also, the post entitled "Thoughts of Kaweah Basin" has some good hints by Giant Brookie. One of his posts indicates a route from Lion down to Tamarack as being "a bit easier". So it must be do-able. From Tamarack we're going out to Tablelands then down and out via Pear lake. Using this as a warm up for an August trip out from North Lake and Lamarack Col to Darwin and back to South Lake.
Keep me posted.

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Post by Steve Bearman » Fri Jun 15, 2007 12:23 pm

I've also done the reverse trip - from Lion down to Tamarack. We traversed across the top of the cliffs to the north (below Coppermine Pass) and it was very tricky route finding making our way down the ledge system, though I would do it again.

When we got to the bottom, it seemed as though the southerly route would have been easier, though also requiring thoughtful route finding. There's no way to go straight up the middle. There are waterfalls plunging into deep, vertical crevasses. You have to find a route around to the north or to the south.

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Post by giantbrookie » Sun Jun 17, 2007 10:02 pm

Neither Lion Lake Pass nor the Tamarack to Lion route are all that bad. I did those on descent, which makes for a bit tougher route finding given that there are vanishing points that obscure your line of sight. From the pass to Lion Lake or visa versa one sort does a diagonal ascent or descent (depending on direction) that pretty much exploits the gentler topography (easily seen on topo). Note also my notes in the Kaweah Basin post should you plan on heading for Triple Divide Pass. When I descended from Lion to Tamarack I recall there was one key chute that got one off of a high bench/shelf (S. of the outlet creek, S. side of basin) down to the last flattish area above Tamarack Lake. By initially starting off down the outlet stream my group got a view of the cliff band below the big upper shelf and were able to figure out where this chute was before moving over to this subhorizontal bench nearly on contour (You can see this bench or lower gradient area on the topo). One can stays on this bench for awhile before hitting that chute. While ascending it should be easier to find this key chute and I suspect that there are other class 2 lines of weakness that pierce that cliff band. Below the chute I remember some boulder hopping that needed to be descended before reaching the final flat area just above Tamarack.
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