Landscape Photography on a Budget??

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Re: Landscape Photography on a Budget??

Post by maverick » Wed May 09, 2018 12:04 pm

Few other serious landscape and nature photographers have discovered multi row column panoramic stitch blending or focus stack blending in post processing that I began soon after acquiring the 24mp APS-C A6000 in early 2014. That allows me to carry considerably less photography gear weight than if I was using a full frame DSLR with similar complementing set of lenses. Although I carry the Sigma 19mm, I infrequently use it outside of recording videos and rather stitch blend using the Sigma 30mm and 60mm primes. I've been surprised how much one can learn using a manual panoramic head. And though carrying a lower weight I am making larger with greater resolution images with those versus what is possible with our largest most expensive DSLRs. The tradeoff is more post processing work. I have the Nodal Ninja 3 MKII manual panoramic head that again weighs much less than one would need for a head for a full frame DSLR.
Yes, that can work for some people too, but its limitations make unusable for my style of photography. I have had the RRS Multi-Pano set-up for over a decade, it is mainly useful for static subjects with even lighting, which is rarely the case for me, especially when shooting a multi-row pano. Clouds, water, and dynamically changing conditions would cause ghosting, which would make it useless for my purposes.

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