Suggestions for first time backpacking in Sierras?

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Suggestions for first time backpacking in Sierras?

Post by lastdayshere » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:19 pm

Hey, im new here and was looking for some suggestions. I want to go backpacking in the sierras around june. It will be the first time in the sierras for me besides day hikes in yosemite. The most backpacking ive done so far was 4 days along the AT in the great smoky mountains last June. I want to do something longer (1-2 weeks maybe?) & was looking for suggestions on trips/trails that would be good for me. thanks.

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Post by Trekker » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:31 pm

Sierra North and Sierra South, both by Winnett, et al, have 100 backcountry trips of varying lengths, difficulty, and elevation levels, and are a great resource to start out with. Both by Wilderness Press; check outdoor stores such as REI. Of course, the weather, snow level, and what your skill levels are ie x-country, snow travel, climbing involved (class 1, 2, etc) will be a determinant in where you go.

When you have a little more info based on these, check out this website by one of our charter members:

Enjoy! :D

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Post by StumbleBum » Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:29 pm

I agree with Trekker - Sierra North and Sierra South are great starting points in researching a trip.

I have also found it very useful, once I have an area in mind, to do a google search. It's very common to find that someone has posted a information about a trip they were on, including pics.

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Post by SPeacock » Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:46 pm

Depends if you want to go in from the east or the west side.

Depends a lot on where you live and how easy it is to get to either side.

A 10 day backpack would be better to be planned about late July through September when the passes will be snow free and the nights a bit warmer.

In June there is usually a lot of snow up there yet, and the streams that you will have to cross may have bridges missing. If you plan hikes below 10,000' before mid June this year, you might be ok.

In that case for the west side perhaps Bearpaw Meadow out of Crescent Meadows in Sequoia NP for a few days using it as a base camp to get up as high as you can with day trips.

East side you have more options in July as many of the trail heads start around 9,000' +.

But if you don't mind some snow that might be getting to be on the soft side, the western approaches might be better suited.

In addition to the trail guides suggested, you might check out A good map for the areas you would interested in.

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