9 days in early Aug, eyeing southern Yosemite/Bench Canyon

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Re: 9 days in early Aug, eyeing southern Yosemite/Bench Cany

Post by Anish » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:43 am

Much appreciated, Paul. You've confirmed what I had already suspected and concluded from the data I could find - the route finding should be more straight forward going counter clockwise. I've just assumed for planning purposes that there is no trail going over Sadler saddle. Studying Google Earth and the topo shows the route to be fairly clear. I plan to stay at Cora Lakes night one, then Long Canyon night two. My primary plan is to head straight north from Cora towards Sadler Peak. Then contour over to the saddle. Even if I can't find the use trail down to Long Creek, the route doesn't look too bad.
I did consider the Stevenson Trail, but I couldn't locate a good camping option for night one (unless Chetwood Creek is flowing and there are good camping options thereabouts). I know I cannot make it to Long Creek in 1 day. The hike via Cora doesn't look too exciting, but it does seem to be the most direct route to get to Bench Canyon.
I leave in just over 3 weeks, cannot wait!!

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