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echo lake

Postby juscro » Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:19 pm


Nice trip up to Tuolumne this past tuesday to thursday. Note there was about 30-40 minute wait on Tioga road about 10-15 miles from crane flat for what looked like a drainage/culvert project. I met germans, italians, and folks from Slovenia while we waited. One can forget how blessed we are to be so close to a place that folks travel from around the world to see.

Went up Budd Creek and watched some climbers who we thought were on Cathedral but were tackling Eichorn pinnacle. Amazing to listen to their calls and communication. Rlown or Maverick - At Budd Lake there were two folks in what looked like floaters for fishing but clearly they were not fishing. Could it be netting to remove trout or perhaps censusing for some frogs? They were tracking along these little 3 inch buoys in the water.


then hiked over the saddle from Echo lake to Matthes lake. What a beautiful valley. I had to bust out the work eutrophication. It must have been a giant lake back in the day.

matthes lake.jpg

Last day at Echo Lake - clouds building up and kept looking at the Echo peaks and maybe next time tackling that pass that goes from Budd Lake to Matthes basin

clouds over echo.jpg

Cheers and hope everyone has great trips this summer
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Re: echo lake

Postby balzaccom » Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:09 am

Should clarify that the photo is of Cathedral Peak AND Eichorn Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is that tower to the left of the peak itself.

Hard to believe, but I climbed Cathedral Peak about 40 years ago...using pitons and these newfangled things called chocks...

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