TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

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TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

Post by rcymbala » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:51 pm

MY CURRENT PROJECT is climbing Mt. Langley from Owens Valley thru the John Muir Wilderness, without a trail. Below is a selection of photos from the 100 on this photo-sharing website: ... y_oct_2017

For the past few years, I've been looking for a route that avoids using the Tuttle Creek Trail: ... ecid=20724

There seems to be two options that utilize the ridges inbetween Tuttle Creek and Diaz Creek:

(1.) The Tuttle Creek ridge: Turn off Granite View Road onto Forest Service Road 16S01 and park next to Tuttle Creek and ascend the south side of the ridge to the south of Tuttle Creek;

(2.) The Diaz Creek ridge: Park near the end of Granite View Road and head south onto a low slope that gradually climbs up along the north side of Diaz Creek.

I know option (1.) will work the whole way with only Class 2 and 3. I haven't gotten very far with option (2.) and expect that there is some class 4 or 5 in the middle.

Back in October 2017, I started at night. This shows how steep the southern side of the ridge to the south of Tuttle Creek can get:
I found a "saddle" and saw this view looking East in the morning:
The trees are definitely sculpted and twisted by the harsh environment:
The drainage up to a "glacier" which was there at the end of summer 2017 but melted away by the end of summer 2018:
The drainage has an underground spring that pops up out of the earth at the blue dot on the 7.5" Mt. Langley topo map labelled "Spring" -- here's the glacier that used to feed the spring:
A gentle giant of old...
...and another one standing on one leg...
Close-up of the granite...
...and a shot of the cliff I considered for a "short-cut" but going around the left side of the glacier was easier...
"Tree line" is a bunch of dwarf pines nestled in the rocks with some Class 4 fun...
I camped a second night in the foxtail pine forest which characteristically occur in very fine bands at certain elevations...
The view towards Langley opens up...
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Re: TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

Post by Wandering Daisy » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:21 am

I must have missed something, but why do you not want to access the climb from Tuttle Creek? I climbed Langley (and Corcoran) via Tuttle Creek July 4th, 2003 and I did not think the route in was bad. There is a use-trail. The NE couloir however is not a good route- very treacherous. Sun hit the top and melted snow, bowling ball sized rocks came down a steep chute at the top, and nearly hit us. We did some 3rd class scrambling on the way down the west ridge trying to stay pretty close to the top of the ridge. The whole climb was a lot of tedious talus. Not my favorite climb.

I have also climbed Lone Pine Peak from Tuttle Creek. The lower brush is horrible, but once through that, the remainder of the climb is pretty good.
Mt Langley_cropped.jpg
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