Charlotte Lake Resupply

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Re: Charlotte Lake Resupply

Post by oldranger » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:46 am


It is my understanding from George that the bears on the Rae Lakes Loop (especially upper Woods, Rae Lakes, and Vidette are pretty educated and persistent. So that is the area where containers or use of bear boxes are required in most of the rest of the park counterbalancing is still ok. But remember that counterbalancing is just a delaying tactic. If you choose to fudge find an area off the main trail, find the perfect tree (branch high enough that you can get the food close to 10 feet high, and 10 ft from the trunk and at the place your rope goes over no bigger around than your wrist) then make sure you as close to perfectly balance your loads as possible (so the bear can not shake the branch to work one bag lower). Finally sleep close and be prepared to defend your food with a barrage of rocks (away from the critters face) and be willing to chase said critter a couple hundred yards beyond your camp. Remember once the bear has your food it is hers and she will defend it from you!

Finally I'd think that you would have consumed enough food by the time that you cross Pinchot Pass that you could store all your food in the bearicade. Counter balancing before Pinchot is legal!

Sounds like a great trip!



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Re: Charlotte Lake Resupply

Post by f212 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:41 pm

Thanks so much for your great info, Mike, and the rest of you as well. I'm weighing all options.

Here's what I've gathered so far: For a JMT resupply between the Piute Creek junction to Whitney Portal, the best choices seem to be:

1. No resupply: Counter-balance down to Pinchot, and bear can it from Pinchot to Whitney Portal.
-> Pluses: No pre-organization, no resupply $$$, no extra milage.
-> Minuses: Heavy, risky in terms of the bear situation.

2. On trail resupply using friends: Meet them at Kearsarge pass, the JMT junction with Kearsarge pass, or at Charlotte lake.
-> Pluses: Light, probably no resupply $$$, fun for friends and family, not much extra milage, minimal bear risk.
-> Minuses: Pre-organization necessary, need friends willing to do it.

3. On trail resupply using a pack station: Meet them at Charlotte Lake.
-> Pluses: Light, don't need friends, not much extra milage, minimal bear risk.
-> Minuses: $$$ big time, pre-organization, must get the timing right or loose your food and your money.

4. Resupply at Onion Valley: Leave food in a bear box there, branch off the JMT to Onion Valley during the hike, and then hike back to the JMT.
-> Pluses: not much pre-organization, no $$$, fairly light, no need for friends, minimal bear risk.
-> Minuses: lots of extra milage, people could swipe your food or rangers could clear it out.

As a little giveback to the community, here are some web addrs that have helped me with the pack station options:

Here's something about the closest packer to Kersarge, Sequoia-Kings Pack Train, from Wild Ideas, the makers of the Bearikade: ... /index.cfm" onclick=";return false;

Also, a general resource for Eastern Sierra packstations from the Forest Service: ... ions.shtml" onclick=";return false;

Hope this helps others. Any more info is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Charlotte Lake Resupply

Post by sierramel » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:47 pm

Last I was aware of, the Pine Creek Pack Station, north of Bishop, was handling horse traffic out of Onion Valley. You can call them for information at: 760-387-2797. That may be their winter number, but they are open for business now up at Pine Creek. They used to truck their horses down to the Kearsarge Pass trailhead in Onion Valley.
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Re: Charlotte Lake Resupply

Post by jrod hiker » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:24 pm

Hi new member looking for someone to share a resupply at charlotte lake junction on the JMT on sept 12.

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Re: Charlotte Lake Resupply

Post by AlmostThere » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:19 pm

jrod hiker wrote:Hi new member looking for someone to share a resupply at charlotte lake junction on the JMT on sept 12.
You might want to start a new thread instead of posting on one that's six years old.

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