a Sierra High Route – the second segment

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Re: a Sierra High Route – the second segment

Post by Bluewater » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:34 pm

Thanks for your tr and photos. It's been fun following along on some familiar terrain (TM thru DP) and seeing some familiar gear (MLD cuben Solomid). I still haven't found that Class III slot down from Cecile, I ended up following a use trail to the north, then down to Minaret Lake. Looking forward to the next section.

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Re: a Sierra High Route – the second segment

Post by Wandering Daisy » Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:32 pm

I too have used the use-trail from Cecile to Minaret Lakes. When I first did this route (south-to-north) I was camped at the north end of Minaret Lake and ran into an older woman. I told her the route I was going to do (the slot that is described as "the route" in Secor). She said that she and her husband had gone from Minaret Lake to Lake Ediza over 30 years prior, and carrying her baby in a backpack too! She said it was steep and a bit grunty, but no slot and hardly even class 2. She then gave me a description. Next morning I went per her instructions and found it just as she had said. I have also now done that pass several times, both ways, and also have never found (but never really looked for) Secor's route. Just shows that once something is in a guidebook, everyone assumes it is the best route. Not necessarily so. So this "use-trail" route has been there a long time prior to Secor's guidebook. I am sympathetic to Secor, because I too have written a guidebook, and no one person can always get all the best routes. I am sure my guide contains some routes that are not the best, and the "old locals" are perfectly aware of better routes. Same goes for Roper's route. He did a lot of research and field work, but no one person can really find the best route all the time.

Last Fall was the first time I went from Ediza to Cecile when there was no snow on the slope. What a difference! It is pretty scary when covered with snow. Luckily someone went before me so I could use their foot steps. Otherwise, I may have retreated. Same with White Bark Pass- always before it was snow- last year without. I did the High Route in 2010 in early August and there still was a lot of snow- and it was consolidated "Sierra cement".

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Re: a Sierra High Route – the second segment

Post by edhyatt » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:21 am

I'm not convinced that guidebook publication makes 'everyone' think the proposed route is the 'best' - to me it is sometimes the most pragmatic route in areas I don't know that well. The luxury of having the time to cast around for alternatives (especially when rather tired) is limited on my trips....sadly. As you mentioned on the WRHR comment 'publication' does not necessarily mean that routes are 'better' than others, just better promoted - I am pretty sure that new stuff and alternatives can often be found, especially somewhere as complex as the Sierra.

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