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More Summit Stone Findings

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More Summit Stone Findings

Postby oldraven » Fri Sep 15, 2006 9:17 am

I was just looking over and posting to the other forum I like and thought I should add to the post I had here about these Summit Stones. There is a lot more out there as I found wandering about. This DSD has put these in at least four locations that I could find in Yosemite, Utah, in Canada, and on the coast. I have read the DSD blogger and found that very interesting too. There are pictures posted out on forums and statements from people about where they found the stones and the enjoyment of it. The stones are very nice and the quotes in the muse are too. I find myself wondering about all the effort that goes into this and how that itself is pretty special. I also saw this in the comments on the blog in how people feel. People I talk to about this are taken by it too. As I read the muse quotes I see how DSD must love the Sierra's as much as anyone. There are lots by Muir in it and someone like Muir would appreciate this kind of thing.

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