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More Mapping Fun: Online Storybook Maps

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More Mapping Fun: Online Storybook Maps

Postby gdurkee » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:47 am

Esri is coming up with some pretty good ways to tell a story or recount a trip using maps and linked photos (or any other object you might want to use). I've not yet tried it, but this just came across the transom this morning: ... -template/

It describes how to use templates from ArcGIS Online to create a story of a trip, show it on a map and link to photos. You'd need your own web service to post the web side of it. It'll link to the ArcGIS Online servers for the map (free signup to use that).

Here's a couple of examples:

As another side note, along with Maverick, several of us geeky SAR/GIS types are experimenting with this as a way to show the area Larry Conn went missing in and solicit the hiking public's help in being aware of possible clues as they travel, then giving the protocol to follow to report potential clues found. We hope to have that posted in a few weeks. In the future, we'll probably put up such map sites during active searches along with flyers of the missing person and asking for information. From a SAR standpoint, we also think this has potential for a SAR investigator to ask the person being interviewed/witness to be looking at the same map and describe their route, what they saw (or, as importantly, didn't see). The interviewer can be marking the route and creating a spatial record for later review. Cool stuff. It might even help find people.


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