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Lost and Found = Returned

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Lost and Found = Returned

Postby bluefintu » Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:05 pm

Hi All,
The past few years my son and I found sunglasses, two we're returned and one is still pending. It came with a phone number and I left a message. I think they maybe on vacation. My son found a watch in August on the trail, I knew that it must have been the day hikers that past us. Sure enough, I told my son we have to catch-up to the guy or gal that lost it. After an exhausting double time up hill, we found the owner. Same story about the glasses, except for the one I found last weekend. I also found a wallet, it turned out to be my friends wallet, laying on the ground at a busy gas station early in the mourning. As soon as I seen it, I was thinking lucky SOB, because I found it and was already thinking to find the owner, even before I picked it up. That was the same day my wife had her purse stolen at a school. Very weird day. So, if you guys or gals lose something on the trail, I'm on a roll finding the owners.


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