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If you traded maps with me last weekend @Onion Valley please

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If you traded maps with me last weekend @Onion Valley please

Postby bheiser1 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:28 pm

I guess this is a real long shot - but if you are the guy who traded maps with me the Friday before Labor Day weekend at the Onion Valley trailhead, please pvt me. I'd like to get your mailing address so I can return your map to you.

I foolishly assumed my Kings Canyon High Country map covered all of the Kings Canyon High Country, and discovered at the trailhead (!!!) that it didn't (all my trip planning was done using electronic maps). Anyway, this couple just returning from their hike was nice enough to trade me their map for another of mine. I sure was glad to have it on my trip! But I felt bad later when I noticed they had marked up their map, presumably with places they'd been (or were going)... but had lost all that by trading it as a favor to me...

I meant to post this immediately on my return but day-to-day life happened...

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