Women Backpackers

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Re: Women Backpackers

Post by hikerchick395 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:24 am

I have solo backpacked a few times when I had no interested partners. I go on the majority of my day hikes by myself.

I also do all of the planning for the hikes and pick where to go.

Not much harrassment all these years in the high country...more at the arts and crafts shows I attend. Sometimes a bit of admiration from the mens when they've found out I was dayhiking a bit of a distance...Island Pass, Dusy Basin, Bullfrog Lake, Minaret Lake and a solo dayhike up Whitney. And I have heard comments about my stupidly large backpack. Whatever, I like it.

No Facebook for me although I'm told I miss a lot of family stuff there.

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Re: Women Backpackers

Post by madeintahoe » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:32 am

I started Backpacking at age 15..and have loved it since! I finally went on my 1st solo trip in 2004..it was something I always wanted to do..I was curious if I would like being out there by myself and just the over all experience without any other humans...my husband did insist on me taking one of our doggies Lucy with me :)
I went to a place I was very familier with and knew there would be others around in case of an emergency..I felt totally comfortable with all of it and never felt in danger or never harrassed by anyone.

For me it was a wonderful special experience....I loved that I could stop and rest as long as I wanted to..not worring about if you are taking a break to long if you had your friends with you.
I would for sure do it again..but only go to an area I am familier with...I have to say I do prefer to backpack with my husband or friends a bit more than going solo..it's just so much fun especially at camp to have your family and friends to share it!

Snowny...You are awesome continuning after that horrible experience...I will help carry some of your stuff..so you Kerstin and I can go on a much over due pack trip this summer :nod:

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