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Bighorn Sheep Restrictions may be Eliminated

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Re: Bighorn Sheep Restrictions may be Eliminated

Postby quentinc » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:42 pm

Richard, thanks for the update! I may add Williamson to my summer list now.

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Re: Bighorn Sheep Restrictions may be Eliminated

Postby Troutdog 59 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:39 pm

That is interesting news. I'm glad to hear their numbers have improved as it seemed to be going the other way for quite sometime. And I learned something new as well :eek: . The NF link mentioned they will adopt new regs to restrict "pack goat operations." They have such things :confused: ? Pack teams of goats??? I guess I haven't been hiking as much these last few years as I have not seen a goat pack train. Ive seen llamas (sp?), stubborn old mules (even saw one coming back over Mono Pass without the rest of his crew), and some overloaded pooches, but goats? Not yet.

I'm probably going where I'm not supposed to with this, but I have to admit I find the whole secrecy thing about those special lakes up that way kinda funny. While I'll admit that I didn't know exactly how special they were until Cutters 2nd guide, it wasn't like they were unknown to the general public. Heck, they were listed in some of the old guides that were available back then. I still have a copy that lists the lakes and its inhabitants. When I read Cutters book in the early 90's, I knew right away the lakes he was referring too and thought it was a pretty cool story. I think it was JT Carter that wrote he went there in the early 70's without knowing the specifics of the fish.

When I first stumbled upon this site at the end of 2010, I came upon a post where a member listed a TR to these lakes. Within the post was this fabulous account of the planting of those lakes all those years ago, and another of the later relocation effort. It was a tremendous story and I wanted to respond, but I figured that would be a no no on this topic considering the author had chosen to delete the TR after he initially posted it and it appeared he had been advised to do so by other members. While I realize they are a special resource, I think their remote location and the fact that the approach is one of the steepest in the Sierra will remove all but the most adventurous anglers from heading up that way. Just my two cents.
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