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Bear Canister as Emergecy Preparedness Vessel

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Bear Canister as Emergecy Preparedness Vessel

Postby Hetchy » Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:42 pm

I have been emptying out my room in advance of moving out to live on the CDT this year. I rolled out the Garcia Machine "Basecamp" Bear canister 5 lbs empty. But it was not empty?!. I opened it to find I had loaded it with all my leftover mail drop meals from the PCT last year. There is pre-spiced Mac and Cheese with milk powder, Spaghetti and spices, Minute Rice and toasted seame seeds with Garlic Powder. I must have 50 meals in there all portioned at 700 kcal and in individual ziplocks.
I totally forgot I had cached the surplus food this way before my hike. It is a pleasant surprise though. I opted for the rice dish.
This led me to realize what a great use this is for the Bear Canister, if unintentional on my part.
California is earthquake country. I live near the Loma Preita, San Andreas, and Hayward faults. Having food and water in reserve is a great way to be prepared in case of a major disater.
The old Garcia Machine has been relegated to this use I guess as I use a Bear Vault 500 nowadays.
I think between hikes I will continue to keep the Garcia filled with food, and perhaps the BV500 full of water.
Anyhow just a thought about a secondary use of those heavy bear resistant canisters we all love.
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Re: Bear Canister as Emergecy Preparedness Vessel

Postby Wandering Daisy » Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:08 pm

Good observation, but be sure to also stash some water or have a water source nearby! I have always wondered if it is safe to drink from a swimming pool for days on end. How much chlorine is too much?
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