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WhitneyZone - Whitney Hikers Association Forum

Postby Steve_C » Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:27 am

Hi everyone,

I want to let people know about a new web site and forum, "The Whitney Zone". It is supported by the Mt Whitney Hikers Association, which we are currently organizing as an official non-profit association.

We created the site to provide information and safety tips for anyone hoping to climb Mount Whitney. The decision to create the site was made after heavily used information, such as the Orientation Notes for Whitney first timers, was removed from the Whitney Portal Store site.

We want to provide the easiest to find information for Whitney hikers, as well as the most accurate and current conditions. In addition, we'll be working directly with Inyo National Forest staff to present the most up-to-date information we can on the Whitney trail permit lottery, obtaining leftover or no-show permits, and related information.

If the association grows large enough, we hope to support trail maintenance trips in the Whitney area as well as donate to Search and Rescue organizations.

There are three primary forums at the WhitneyZone: General Discussion, Trip Reports, and The Chat Room. We are hoping the categories help to organize subject content for those looking for specific information. We have several other forums: "Reference", for announcements and important messages and threads; and a "Whitney Hikers Association" public forum to make association business available. There is a private association "members only" forum to be used by members who have joined the association.

I am hoping people here will visit the site and register on the forums. Your participation will help advance the popularity and effectiveness of the association. If you agree that a hikers association will be a beneficial organization to support Mt. Whitney and the hiking community, we hope you will also join the association. You can read more about the association and membership in the Whitney Hikers Association forum.

Welcome to the new site, everyone! Please come visit. If you have any comments or questions, please post them or contact me privately.

Steve C

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