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Wilderness Trailhead Signs

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Re: Wilderness Trailhead Signs

Postby dave54 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:48 pm

I faced the same dilemma back in my fire prevention tech days on the Angeles (I just realized that was 30 years ago :eek: ).

It's real easy to visually overload a sign or bulletin board with multiple posters of regulations and thou-shalt-nots. You are right about the passing glance -- if it is too cluttered it gets ignored. Set priorities about which message(s) you wish to convey at each trailhead and accept you cannot list them all. The priority messages may change throughout the season and change the signs accordingly. Throw away that horrid poster that lists all the general prohibitions verbatim from the CFR's. Instant turn off. I am a follow the rules kind of guy because I understand the reason and rationale behind them. But when someone starts citing legalese like that at me I automatically get agitated and confrontational. :angry:

Keep the signs maintained. When I see bulletin boards and informational signs that are all ripped up, falling down, and outdated messages (i.e. the 'Extreme Fire Danger' warning with snow on it), it is easy to assume the agency is not serious about the message. It also tells me the patrolman does not visit this spot very often and if I was tempted to violate a rule the odds of getting caught are low. A timely well maintained sign suggests regular patrols and stricter law enforcement.
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