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Yosemite hiker dies in fall from Half Dome

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Re: Yosemite hiker dies in fall from Half Dome

Postby MountainMinstrel » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:28 pm

The week before this two people fell, sliding 150 feet or so down the cables. Fortunately they survived, but were still Medivaced(sp?) It was raining at the time and had been most of the day. While the rest of the family spent the night an LYV a bear did some damage at their camp in Upper Pines. I know this because I was staying with the camp host at the time. I also know that the ranger had to breakup their party at 3 AM the night before the accident. All this is to say that some people do not have a clue, yet think that they can do this hike. This is what gets people into trouble.
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Downsides to Using a Harness?

Postby 10thMountain » Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:11 am

1 - A simple harness, runner and carabiner "via ferrata" setup will not impede anyone who would like to pass you on the cables because they will not pass between you and the cable you are clipped to. They will pass around you backside as you face the cable you are clipped too. This setup in common on all the fixed cable climbs in Europe and only saves life and limb.

2 - Regardng the scenario coined as the "domino effect" ... has it ever happened? If it were to happen... the harnessed climber's fall would be arrested by the 1st pole encountered, lessing the number of unharnessed climbers that could be directly knocked of their feet. Also, the harnesssed climber is no more likely to fall... so how could having fewer harnessed climbers on the cables mitigate any risk whatsoever?
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