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Loaded Firearms in National Parks!

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Re: Loaded Firearms in National Parks!

Postby Bad Man From Bodie » Wed May 27, 2009 2:35 pm

BTW- I dont think I have ever packed heat in the summer months. Too freaking heavy for what I am trying to acomplish (and typicaly no need unless in Canada or Alaska). If I am hunting, obviously I carry depending on the game! Yes there are places for guns and there are not places for guns. Obviously schools, airports, ect. However, those places listed are regulated public/private facilities not public/private lands, big difference. And yes, I am all in favor of the "Just Because You Can Policy" although I chose not to! Why do we need a reason to carry firearms on federal lands?

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Re: Loaded Firearms in National Parks!

Postby badtux » Thu May 28, 2009 10:56 pm

I'm with the "who cares?" faction. I don't pack a firearm because of practicality issues, they're heavy, hard to access in an emergency (I'm not interested in open carry even in those counties and states where it is legal), and I've never needed one in 35 years of hiking in woods, deserts, and plains from sea to shining sea (closest I've needed is when a wild boar decided I was walking in the wrong place, waving a stout hiking pole around while yelling loudly at him convinced him otherwise and I doubt I would have enjoyed carrying a handgun stout enough to take down a wild boar, those dadburned things are almost as hard to kill as bears). On the other hand, I know folks who pack *today*, and they don't suddenly UN-pack when they cross the boundary into NP land, and none of them have shot and killed me or anything, so WTF?

Live and let live, is my thought on this subject. I might think it's dumb and useless to haul all that weight that has no real purpose, but if someone feels better doing so, why is it any business of mine? That guy who gave me trail directions in the Tonto NF while a Glock 17 was sitting on his hip (Arizona is an open carry state) didn't hurt me any by hauling that useless piece of iron with him (WTF, he thought he was gonna get attacked by killer rabbits or something? That's about all a 9mm handgun is good at killing, they aren't exactly high power). So I just can't get myself worked up by the fact that soon this guy might be able to pack his Glock into Grand Canyon NP. I mean, what does it matter, really? He didn't kill nobody then, and isn't going to kill anybody now, and if he wanted to kill someone he would carry regardless of what the law said anyhow. If he wants some lead Viagra to deal with his manhood problems, that ain't none of my business.
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Re: Loaded Firearms in National Parks!

Postby Strider » Fri May 29, 2009 7:14 am

I don't perceive of a need to have firearms once you get a day's hike away from the trailhead. Although I have felt uncomfortable at campgrounds, I never see the irresponsible type of gun owner making the effort to walk farther than to his icechest.
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