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Saw the Sierra today from 150 miles away!

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Saw the Sierra today from 150 miles away!

Postby Hetchy » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:45 pm

I was taking a training hike along the coastal range here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was up on Borel Hill in the Russian ridge open space preserve.
It was a very windy, brisk, and clear day with great visibility. Looking off towards the east there is gap in the east bay hills, and beyond... the snow capped sierra stood out low on the horizon. I have seen the Sierra from Hollister Hills svra before as well, and I always get a thrill from it. :nod:
I sold my truck and chainsaw today with out even trying.. more money into the kitty for my thru hike.. way over there. To date I have sold those items as well as my assault rifle (Oh no! what if the Russians invade! HA!) to help finance my thru-hike. You can tell a man is serious about something when he gives up TV, sells his guns and pickup truck, and stops drinking beer! :retard: No turning back now! :D
Up along that white crest, out there 150 miles away is my future home for the summer! I hope all of us get the chance to go up there into the Sierra this year! Yehaa! We are blessed! :D Sorry I can't post todays photo yet as i am still trying to get my new Canon and old computer to "play nice" together but i have one of Borel hill from the old pentax here
From Borel Hill on a previous training hike: :D
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Re: Saw the Sierra today from 150 miles away!

Postby trav867 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:53 am

I love those rare occasions when the Sierra is visible way off in the distance. It's a kind of thrill that most people probably don't understand. Snowboarding at Mountain High in Wrightwood after a big storm this year, I looked out across the snow covered Antelope Valley and way to the north I spotted what I'm sure was the southern Sierra. That's gotta be at least 100 miles. Wish I'd had a camera with me!
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