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Rogue bear shot and killed in Tahoe City

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Rogue bear shot and killed in Tahoe City

Postby ERIC » Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:20 am

Rogue bear shot and killed in Tahoe City

Staff reports
October 28, 2005

A bear believed to be responsible for the rash of home break-ins in the Tahoe City area was shot and killed Thursday morning.

The residential areas east of Tahoe City had seen a number of reported bear break-ins, approximately one per day over the past month, according to a release from the Placer County Sheriff’s Department.

The department said that Ann Bryant, director of the BEAR League, indicated that the bear had been very aggressive in his determination to get into homes for food. In the process, he often destroyed solid doors.

The BEAR League, a private organization dedicated to bear welfare and public education, installed surveillance equipment and obtained photographs of the responsible bear, an approximately 600-pound, dark-colored male.

On Thursday, the manager of a local condominium complex sought guidance from authorities regarding the legalities of standing guard at the condos to shoot the bear should it return, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

After at least 11 condos in the complex had been reported being broken into by the same bear within the past week, a permit to kill the animal was issued by the California Department of Fish and Game.
Thursday morning, the manager said the bear exited a condominium and it was shot and killed. A sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene. Bryant confirmed it was the same bear believed responsible for the series of break-ins.

Although the death of the bear should decrease reports of break-ins, “residents need to remember that this is still bear country and precautions should be taken to avoid attracting these animals to their homes,” the Sheriff’s release said.

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Postby hikerduane » Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:56 pm

I live about a 2 hour drive north of the Lake Tahoe area and I'm seeing a few things slowly evolving. I've had a couple neighbors tell me that they have seen a bear or a bear and cub come thru our neighborhood at night and even mid morning. They don't seem all that wild. I can see that they could be problems later. We've had some garbage can incidents over the years, I just don't know when things will escalate if at all. I'm gone during the week so I'm a little concerned about my garbage and what to do with it. I wish I could come up with something to build to discourage the bears or racoons. My neighbor put something simple up to alert him if a bear tries to get into his garbage company supplied container. Funny, he rigged up a cow bell on the thing and put it close to a bedroom window so he could see what is going on if anything comes around.
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Postby JM21760 » Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:45 pm

We even had a bear in Carson City a couple of weeks ago. He was hanging out in a tree in a residential neighborhood. Luckily, he rambled off, and that was it.

I wonder how many Capitol's in the US have had bears cruising the grounds?
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