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Pear Lake Helicopter Landings on 8-24-08

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Pear Lake Helicopter Landings on 8-24-08

Postby samboachie » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:01 pm

There were two helicopter landings that happened at Pear Lake yesterday.

One was to rescue a climber who broke his leg from a 30' fall from somewhere in the Tablelands and the other one was to remove a body of a man who had had a heart attack. We heard this from Larry on the trail who was hiking with the KRVHC guys who had hiked to Pear Lake earlier that day and were closer to all the drama that was happening near the shore. Jill and I started the hike with them, but detoured at Emerald Lake to visit Alta Peak and had met Larry again on the way back to the cars at Wolverton.

My wife Jill and I met a woman by herself and her 3 dogs that was waiting for her husband and his hiking partner to return to Wolverton trailhead. She said her husband was 6'6" tall and hiking with his male friend. We didn't tell her about the man who past away from the heart attack for fear of making her worry too much(hopefully for no reason) We were praying and hoping that it was not her husband. They were vacationing at Hume Lake. Has anyone else heard anything about this incident?

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