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markskor - Found your water bottle at Vogelsang Pass

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markskor - Found your water bottle at Vogelsang Pass

Postby snusmumriken » Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:57 pm

It was a pleasure to meet you on the trail above Merced Lake. You mentioned that you thought you'd left your water bottle (the one with a blue top and two stripes of silver duct tape) at the top of Vogelsang Pass. Indeed you had - I spotted it right away. A much loved water bottle with duct tape and many memories attached I am sure. Took it with me out of the back country.

Rather then take it with me home, email you, get your address, find a box for it and take it to the postoffice, I went another route. I left it for you in Yosemite. Its tucked in the back of bearbox #1 at Sunrise trailhead at the end of Tenaya Lake. You mentioned you were heading for another Yosemite trip soon, so I figure you can pick it up then. If you don't it will be cleaned out and thrown away at the end of the season.


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Re: markskor - Found your water bottle at Vogelsang Pass

Postby markskor » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:32 am

Also a pleasure meeting you too…
Glad I was going down that damn hill, and not up, like you.

About the water bottle...thanks for finding it, but, since my backpack is not currently wireless, Internet-ready, I did not find out about where you found and stashed it until I got home. (It appears that I passed right bye it a few times too.) Sorrowfully, I am not planning to get up to Tuolumne again until later next, if anyone wants an old nalgene bottle...feel free.
No big deal...but thanks for trying.
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