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uh-oh. This is not good.

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Re: uh-oh. This is not good.

Postby asabat » Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:56 pm

A current example - a popular trail in a local forest has been closed since summer because a fire went through. The word now is the trail will be closed for TWO YEARS until they can make it "safe" again. They will not use volunteer trail crews as the danger is "too extreme." This in spite of heavy storms, snow, and wind this year, that no doubt has toppled the dangerous burned trees. Personally, I believe that a trail like this in NPS jurisdiction would be opened much sooner than two years.

Please understand, I'm not saying one agency or another is the best. I'm saying I don't see huge impacts to self-propelled backcountry users no matter who is there, but have tried to point out that, at least in So Cal, IMO the USFS does not place recreation as a high priority.

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