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Eastern Sierra: SNARL Spring 2008 lecture series

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Eastern Sierra: SNARL Spring 2008 lecture series

Postby el cuervo » Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:51 am

Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve (VESR) is a field research station of the University of California,
a unit in the University's Natural Reserve System (NRS). The Reserve consists of two sites,
Valentine Camp and the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL),
located 15 miles apart near Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierra Nevada.

They have announced their Spring 2008 lecture series. The schedule can be found at the link below:


Here it is for the link phobic:

April 23 Here, There, and Everywhere: Mechanisms of Cheatgrass (Bromus
tectorum) Invasion at the Edge of the Sierra Nevada
Alden Griffith, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Studies Department, UC Santa Cruz

May 7 Emerging Disease and the Decline of Amphibians in the Sierra Nevada
Dr. Roland Knapp, Aquatic Biologist, SNARL, UC Santa Barbara

May 21 Adaptation to Oxygen Levels During Global Change
Dr. Frank Powell, Director, White Mountain Research Station, UC San Diego

June 4 Recent Changes in Thermal Springs at Hot Creek Geologic Site
Chris Farrar, Hydrologist, US Geological Survey

June 18 Fringe-toes I Knows: Some Natural History of Two Species of Sand Lizards
Dr. Allan Muth, Herpetologist, Philip L. Boyd-Deep Canyon Research Center,
UC Riverside

July 2 Rocket Fuel or Au Natural? Perchlorate in Our Food and Water, and How It Gets There
Dr. David Parker, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, UC Riverside

July 16 The Causes and Consequences of Species Extinction in Sierra Nevada Streams
Dr. Brad Cardinale, Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine
Biology, UC Santa Barbara

7 PM Wednesday evenings at the Green Church (Hwy. 395 and Benton Crossing Rd.)
Admission is free and the public is invited.

Lectures last approximately one hour. For more information call Leslie Dawson at 935-4356 or email ldawson@msi.ucsb.edu.

el cuervo

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