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Desolation Wilderness weather in early October?

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Desolation Wilderness weather in early October?

Postby windknot » Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:03 am

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what the weather will be like in Desolation in the next couple of weeks? I'm going to be spending a couple nights up there in early October and I heard it snowed recently, any information or clarification would be much appreciated. :cool:


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Postby hikerduane » Wed Sep 26, 2007 7:37 pm

Last week I could see the white in the mountains from down in Carson City. Over 15 years ago, the same thing happened. I had a bp trip into Desolation planned about the middle of Sept. and it snow on a Thursday. I headed in on Friday after work, Saturday morning was cold, upper 20's I would say, warmer each night after that. The only snow I saw was a little on north facing slopes by then. Still early for a big dump.

Over 20 some years ago, we did get about 6" above 5000' I would say in early Oct. where I live in Plumas Co. I knew a guy who had a small outdoor goods store and he closed one afternoon and I took him skiing, while I jogged along side him down a FS road. He caught flack from his friends because he put a sign in his door that said he was closed to go skiing. Unheard of that time of year. Even last year when I was in Yosemite in mid Oct. I had some snow pellets, but with the heavy condensation in my Squall, I bailed as my gear was wet by then after being out for 3 nights. It warmed up again after that though.

I was wanting to do something next week since I am on vacation but it looks like I will be taking care of stuff around my place and maybe go on a overnight trip in Lassen at least. I'm trying to cut down the mileage I put on my vehicles.
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