California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Plan

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California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Plan

Post by dave54 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:24 pm

Hot off the press

My take. Long overdue, but I am not optimistic. It will require a substantial continual and ongoing annual financial commitment from both the state legislature and Congress. Neither has a good track record of keeping promises for appropriations, especially for a (national) low priority like California's fire problem. Limited funds and lot of higher priorities face Congress.

The 25% annual increase of national forest harvest levels will not sit well with many people (400 MMBF to 500 MMBF). Science has been solidly behind increasing harvest levels for decades, but meets political resistance. Besides, California does not currently have the mill capacity to handle the increase. It will take several years for the harvesting infrastructure to catch up.

I am heartened CalFire has said they will begin allowing some fires to burn, like the feds have for decades. However... as CalFire protects mainly private lands, how will the private landowner feel about it?

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