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Fire in Tahoe

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Postby SteveB » Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:59 pm

80% contained, and getting better slowly. Just heard on TV news that the cause of the fire was a "warmth or cooking" fire started illegally. They (the fire investigators) didn't find any intentional cause. My heart goes out to those that have been affected by this tragic event, and hope they get something from the final finding on this.

I'd like to suggest that perhaps we, as a community, can come together with a constructive discussion on this issue, and try to provide a voice in what is sure to be a re-examination of the overall causes of this terrible fire in terms of forest management. There's another thread started by another poster here ("The politics of forest fires") regarding thoughts on forest management; perhaps we can add our own thoughts on this matter as a record of what an active community like ours things about this topic.

Edit: containment changed to 80%

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