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Mapper 2.1

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Mapper 2.1

Postby frediver » Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:50 am

I sometimes need to use acme 2.1 but I have notice a new to me "bug" and have one other question
concerning use.
#1 I now get a ad of some sort in the upper left asking me to d/l an app that will allow me to convert
files to PDF, etc. the last ad I saw was for Alberta Train travel. Does anyone know how to eliminate
these ad's? I do have ad blocker and that has not helped.

#2 How can I reduce the size of the main dialog box in the lower right?

Having two boxes to contend with now maps the map IMO useless.

I have tried the search on Acme and the 14 pages here and not found a solution.
Sometimes it's how you ask the question that matters.
any help will be appreciated.


I still have the superimposition bug.
The smiley icons and font color, gmap4 tabs still appear over my
message. When I select preview or post everything looks fine.

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