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FORECAST 11.08.06

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FORECAST 11.08.06

Postby dmatt » Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:50 am

Owens Valley & High Country Forecast
Fort Independence EPA Met Station
EPA Site No: 06-027-1028
0852 PST 08 Nov 2006


Discussion: Cold front moving in to our north will cause breezy conditions over the Crest and a very slight chance of precipt/fluries from Mammoth north this afternoon/evening. This is a relatively dry trough so no real moisture in the Owens Valley.

Today: Owens Valley Conditions: sunny and breezy; temps mid 70s / mid 30s; winds W 15-20 G 40 mph.
High Country Conditions: mostly sunny and windy; temps mid 60s / mid 20s; winds SW 20-30 G 50 mph over the Crest.

Tomorrow: Owens Valley Conditions: sunny and a little cooler; temps mid to upper 60s / mid to upper 20s; winds NW 10-15 mph.
High Country Conditions: mostly clear; temps mid 50s / mid 20s; winds NW 10-15 mph.

Outlook: Split flow developing so unsettled weather through the weekend. Shortwave's forecast to move in on Saturday then another on Monday/Tuesday. At this time difficult to tell how much moisture will be associated with each of these lows. Best bet right now, dry weather through at least Sunday for the Owens Valley.

Dennis Mattinson
Air Quality & Forecast Specialist

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