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Happy Birthday Snowy!

Grab your bear can or camp chair, kick your feet up and chew the fat about anything Sierra Nevada related that doesn't quite fit in any of the other forums. Within reason, (and the HST rules and guidelines) this is also an anything goes forum. Tell stories, discuss wilderness issues, music, or whatever else the High Sierra stirs up in your mind.

Happy Birthday Snowy!

Postby Windwalker » Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:05 am

Happy Birthday!!!

Phil started something on TT for you...

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Postby revhobo » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:52 am

Happy Birthday, Snow Nymph! We may be peers, but I don't carry it as well. :D
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Postby copeg » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:22 am

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Postby Trekker » Mon Oct 23, 2006 11:25 am

Happy Birthday, Snowy!!!! :D Hope you had a great celebration on Boundary Peak!!! :partyman:
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Postby ridgeline » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:57 pm

I think the old saying about ones time spent fishing not being counted against our time here on earth was really meant to be: Ones time spent in the mountains is not counted against our time on earth. Anyone that has hiked with Snowy knows that this is absolute truth! She's a youngster at 50!!

Happy Birthday Kid
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Postby ifernau » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:00 pm

Happy B-Day
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Postby ERIC » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:07 pm

Happy, happy!!
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Postby Trailtrekker06 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:39 pm

Wahooooooooooooo! Happiest Birthday, Snowy! Ya old lady-hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!
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Postby Trail Bud » Tue Oct 24, 2006 8:18 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Snowy!!! :clapper
I hope you get what you wished for!
See you this weekend.
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Postby Randonnee » Tue Oct 24, 2006 11:28 am

Happy B-day :D You're how old now -- 22? :partyman: (((||)))
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Postby Snow Nymph » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:54 pm

Thanks for the :birthday wishes! :D And thanks for the call and link, WW!

I'll try to get some pics up before the weekend!

Boundary Peak was fun! MADEinTAHOE had a beautiful cake to celebrate after the hike, but since we took a little longer to get down, the others didn't get to have any. I'm eating a piece right now and its :yummy:

Also, Happy Birthday to SIERRAGATOR today (Wednesday)! :birthday
Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free . . . . Jim Morrison

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Postby BSquared » Fri Oct 27, 2006 7:31 am

Hey, congrats, Snowy. Why, I *think* I can remember way back to when I was fifty -- long before my first John Muir Trail through-hike... It's been great since then!

PS: I had mine last Saturday.
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